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Handmade Christmas at Susan K.Weckesser Inc.

Hand Made Christmas with dates
OK. That isn’t totally correct.
I don't ‘love’ the commercial side to Christmas, but I really LOVE the simple things. I love the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the feelings that surround the season!
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Yup, that is me a few years ago! *wink*
When my Mom was alive she was extremely creative and was an AWESOME seamstress , crafter, and baker. I remember that every Christmas we would all get SO excited to see what homemade goodies she would bake, and best of all, what beautiful gifts would she sew us. She loved sewing quilts, clothes, dolls, and bears. Most of her bears had fancy hand sewn clothes and stitched faces. She often would make, sew, bake, or craft doubles or triples of everything so that we would have lots of extras to give away to neighbours, friends, family, and strangers. It was truly magical! Unfortunately, these two little bears, some of my mother’s earlier work, have lost their clothing. I still think they are grand!
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And that is why I LOVE Christmas! I LOVE Homemade Christmases! It really has a magical charm about it!
With the start of the Christmas Love Campaign, from November 2 –November 16, I am thrilled to announce that that Susan K. Weckesser Inc. has partnered up will some incredible companies to have a wonderful Handmade Christmas! Designers will be showing wonderful gift ideas during that time using the products from these companies. These will be fun and easy gift ideas that you can have fun creating and crafting at home!
Introducing the wonderful sponsors for the 2013 Susan K. Weckesser Inc. Handmade Christmas:


This really is going to be fun, so I sure hope that you can join us, get creative, and help spread some LOVE! To find out more information about the Christmas Love Campaign you can go HERE. With all this excitement, you know that is had to do some creating! I had fun with some canvas, ribbon, & PanPastels to create a little gift bag to give to someone.
face canvas 1 SKWeckesser
I took my canvas and lightly sketched on the outline of a face with just an ordinary HB pencil.
face canvas 2 SKWeckesser
Using PanPastels I had fun adding and playing with my color. When I was done I sprayed my image with a fixative and then sewed on some lovely ribbon. Helmar has a wonderful fixative that I like to use on PanPastels, charcoal, pencil, watercolours, and much more.

face canvas 4 SKWeckesser
To start off this wonderful year 5th year of the Christmas Love Campaign, we are having a Handmade Christmas Contest. 
What you have to do:
*Follow along during our Hand-made Christmas event from November 2 - November 16, 2013.
*Like the Christmas Love Campaign Facebook page ---> HERE.
*Make your own Hand-Made gift. (it can be something you designed yourself or if you want try something that the designers have created please go ahead and have fun and do that!)
*Take a picture and post it on our facebook page. Or if you have Instagram post it there and tag it #craftuplove , #christmaslovecampaign & #susankweckesserinc so I see it! You can find me @ [SUSANKWECKESSER] on Instagram, so come follow me and I would LOVE to follow you! So much fun!
*Give your gift to a neighbour or stranger to make them smile! SPREAD THE LOVE!
*Come back and let us know that you have crafted up some love and you will be entered to win a awesome prize pack from the above sponsors. The prize will include lots of goodies so you can craft up more love! How awesome is that! You have until November 17, 2013 at midnight MST to enter. Have fun!
I really cant wait to see your wonderful creations!
Susan xoth_ChristmasLoveCampaign-1.276151849_std

P.S. I will be teaching a workshop in Anaheim at CHA this January with one of my wonderful Design Team members Einat Kessler. Come and Join us there…I would {LOVE} to get creative and colorful with you! Registration start this week at the CHA website HERE.
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  1. I crafted up some Christmas Love! I saw a homeless lady on the news the other night and she is sleeping in her car because the shelter will not allow her cats in. She said that since her husband died her cats are the only family she has left and won't leave them. I decided then and there that I was making her a quilt to help keep her warm. She is in a town 1 hour away from me and I don't drive. A friend who works in Burlington is going to bring her the quilt tomorrow since that is the quickest way to get it to her. It is supposed to be extremely cold the next few days so I decided it would be better to have someone else deliver it so she can have it right away. I am also sending a bunch of crackers, bread, canned meat, cat food and other groceries that will survive the cold along with some other blankets and warm clothing to help her out.
    I am going to try to keep track of where she is and send her a goody bag once a week and maybe even get her a hotel room that allows pets for the night on Christmas Eve and Christmas night.
    We usually adopt a family for Christmas but this year we are going to adopt this wonderful lady and try to help her out as much as we can. I am a firm believer that helping others in need is something that everyone should do year round. We can't do much but even a little bit helps.
    Oh, I also baked an apple pie for my friend who is delivering the quilt since they won't accept gas money so I get twice the pleasure of Spreading the love! It makes my heart happy to be able to do this!
    I am so glad that you extended this campaign.

  2. Thank-you for sharing this Barbara...... it is a true blessing when we can help someone that really needs it!
    Susan xo


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