Thursday, September 13, 2018

New Beginnings

These words have gone over and over in my head constantly for the last four and a half years as I drove back and forth to doctor appointments, procedures, tests, you name. This last year was particularly hard on me and my wonderful family. I remember last summer coming home from a family reunion which had been trying because we, being the late one to the camp ground, we got the site right beside the outhouses. My sense of smell had become so heighten with all the treatments so I felt so sick the whole time, but I made the best of it. I remember getting home and being so happy to see my own bathroom but as I started to brush my teeth I felt like I was living a nightmare because they started to drop into the sink. Ya, did you ever have one of those nightmares as a kiddo where all your teeth start dropping out... this wasn't a nightmare, it was the beginning of a very long year of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. A very painful year at that.  I went through many surgeries but because of the discomfort that my body was already going through with the bladder cancer, kidney stones, gall stones, and Crohns , I opted to be put asleep with every surgery. I just couldn't, body couldn't face any more pain. kinda strange. I survived. I'm not quite done. but, I have to say..... Art, Creativity, my Creative Friends, and my deep and STRONG FAITH keep me going. i still have a lot of healing but it feels so good to start feeling stronger and like myself again.
I hit a point that really scared me. 
I WANTED to LIVE.......
So I met with a really cool doctor who is also a guru and he has helped me and is helping me see that it is ok to live. To enjoy every moment...even if those moments aren't so good sometimes. Its ok to be afraid, or happy, sad ,or even mad sometimes. My family has really helped to....especially now that I have opened up to them and let them know how i really feel or am feeling. That was so hard at first, but all so liberating for everyone! 
Those smiles and that love from my family.
They just give me warm fuzzies!
  And Happy Music!
 And Good Food!
And of course the silliness that i really thrive on!
...and thanks to wonderful friends! I love you all so much. I just just got this beautiful card from Carol. i love her artwork and popsicles!!!! 

I am a SURVIVOR!!!
And this is just the beginning of me embracing my life again. I have been told that i will never be in remission...but WHO CARES!?!! The sun is shining! There are rainbows to be found. 
We got this! Right!?!
Come and join me, my Creative Adventurers!
Luv ya Lots!
Susan xo

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tend To Your Soul

I love writing letters and postcards. Snail mail has always been a big part of my life by keeping me in touch with friends near and far, especially before the days of e-mail. Even now, I don't think e-mail can come close to the feeling of holding a letter in your hands and anticipating what is inside the envelope. 

I have been fortunate to become involved in the Love Notes Postcard Project , started by Jennifer Belthoff. I learned about it through their Love Notes Facebook Page . It is hosted quarterly and each Sunday for 3 weeks, you are sent a prompt. You then write a postcard to your assigned partner. I hope that you will check out the information for this project and join us as we make some amazing connections.

One of the prompts this Round was " I invite you to tend to your soul ". Instead of making or writing out a postcard, I decided to make a set of tags to remind my partners ( I had 2 this Round ) of ways to take care of themselves.  I used my stash of tags from FLOW magazine along with some perfect stamps by Susan K Weckesser. The wooden tags and Butterfly tags were purchased at Michaels on clearance. I tied them together with some colorful twine. The Special Delivery stamp is by Hero Arts and the  Heart Made stamp is by Rubber Moon.

Stamp sets used "

I believe it is so important to take care of ourselves, tend to our souls. We work, have families, take care of so many things.Yet, I think that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Read a book, take a nap, meet a friend for coffee. Just do nothing !! Write a letter or postcard to a friend. Hang out at the bookstore. I just that did yesterday and it was a fabulous way to  re-charge my batteries after a long stretch at work. I know that being creative tends to my soul. And sharing in my creativity hopefully tends to yours too !!

Love Notes mail received 1/2017

Debra Davison
Susan K Weckesser Creative Team
Thank you for visiting { My Sweet Earth }

Friday, December 30, 2016

Stamped clips

Hello my dear crafty friends!
Welcome to my new small tutorial made for Susan K Weckesser's blog.
This time I decided to make something for the planners trend. And as I don't even have a planner, but I do use  small notebooks, I made a few stamped clips for my notebooks as dividers.
So here is my tutorial:
1. Stamp Susan's  houses with her Clearsnap ColorBox mini Pop ink in Mystery color twice using co-branded with Unity Tumbleweed Houses stamp set.

2. Color the houses with Susan's other Clearsnap inks in Fresh, Ice, Sky and Kiss colors and as there is no Susan's yellow ink I used another Clearsnap ink in yellow. Don't try to make the best ever coloring and don't afraid to be out of the lines as we are going to cut the houses later.

3. Cut all colored houses and make them 3d using 3d foam glue.
Glue the house over plastic office clips with strong paper to plastic glue.
Use them!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Going Wild with Stamped Pendants

One of my favorite things to do is to use supplies and materials in unexpected ways.  So I love to use stampers and stamp pads in jewelry making, jewelry components in paper crafting, and incorporating things like fabric, yarns, and thread into all things.

I use stampers all the time on clay.  It is super easy to do and the little components can be used in many ways.  Recently I made piles of personalized Christmas ornaments with some of Susan's stamps and some Sculpey clay.  To finish some of the clay scraps off, I stamped a few extras.

I used a straw to poke holes in the clay before baking.

They can easily become simple pendants on a ribbon necklace.

These will make lovely little gifts for friends.

Added to some colored twine, they dress up a simple jar of candy.

I used:
Sculpey polymer clay
Stamp pad
Colored Twine
plastic rolling pin
Plexiglas clipboard
Small Heart cookie cutter

Have a very Happy New Year!

Brooke Bock from the Susan K. Weckesser Design Team

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Life's A Picnic

Hello Friends!!  This is Joyce Shaulis with my last post with the 2016 Susan K. Weckesser creative design team.  This month, we're making gifts that we can give away to strangers, neighbors, or friends.  I had these miniature picnic baskets on hand just waiting for creativity to strike!  I thought these would be adorable to fill with candy and given away as little gifts. 

For this crafty project, I used Susan's co-branded stamp set, "Going Wild".  To begin, I used the clearsnap mini POP ink in Mystery to stamp the fox and the owl on white cardstock. 

Next, I used the mini POP ink in Kiss and Fresh on the basket lids.  I just swiped the ink pad right onto the wood lid.  I also used a damp paintbrush to fill in small areas where I couldn't get into with the ink pad. 
I colored in the images with markers and cut them out.

I used Decoart acrylic paints in red, yellow, light and dark green to paint plaid and polka dots on the  lids, on top of the red and green ink. 
After experimenting a bit, I decided to add a border around the images so they would stand out better.  I glued the images on top of cream colored cardstock and cut around them.   I lettered out the words "Be Merry" and "You are loved" with an ultra fine sharpie marker onto white cardstock and cut them out in rectangular shapes. 

With an old paintbrush, I brushed Decou-page on the back of the cut out images and adhered them to the lids.  When they were dry, I brushed more Decou-page on top of the images.  After completely drying, I outlined all images with a charcoal pencil and gently smudged them with a Q-tip. 
I added dashes, a squiggly line and dots around the lid border with paint and a small paintbrush.  Then I coated the surfaces with the Decou-page.  When dry, I sprayed them with Decoart's acrylic matte sealer. 
I hope you enjoyed my final 2016 project, as I have enjoyed sharing ideas with you these past months.  I hope you have a beautiful Holiday Season with loved ones and family. 
Joyce Shaulis                     Susan K. Weckesser Creative Design Team Member
Susan K. Weckesser products used: mini POP inks in: Mystery, Kiss, Fresh
Other products used: acrylic paints in red, yellow, light green, dark green. Decou-page, Acrylic matte sealer
miniature picnic baskets from Michaels
charcoal pencil
 ultra-fine Sharpie marker

Friday, December 16, 2016

Scraps and a Tag Card

  I love tags.  Tags to hang on things.  Tags as stand alone art.  Tags added to a card.  Today I am using more goodies from my scrap bin.

I stamped a tea stained tag with the owl from the Going Wild stamp set.

The little tiny heart is from the Heart-FULL Homes stamp set.

I cobbled some tiny colored paper strips out from the side of the tag and hand-lettered my sentiment.

I added a scrap of ribbon.

And used a brush to brush some color with Perfect Pearls along his feet.

What fun things can you make with some bits and scraps from your scrap box?

Brooke Bock from the Susan K. Weckesser Design Team

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Love ( and a Few Snowmen )

Deb here sharing one of my favorite holiday crafts - and a whole lot of love this season.. This month, Susan's Creative Team is sharing the ways that we are brightening someone's day. It could be a friend or maybe even a stranger. But we all know that the holiday season is hard for some and it only takes a small act of kindness to let someone know that they are not alone.. Share a bit of your creativity -- a card, some beads, a drawing or jewelry. Whatever it is that you make from your heart. For the past few years, I have been making these glitter ornaments and I think they are just beautiful. Of course, my boyfriend has a different opinion of glitter overall ! But if you ask me, what are the holidays without GLITTER !!! I paired my love of glitter with my love of Susan's snowmen and came up with these tags...

  • I started off with some Kraft tags and added a bit of glitter washi  across the bottom and Holiday washi down the right side.
  • From the Crate Paper "Snow Day Collection", I cut several different size squares out of the snowflake paper. I stapled the larger snowflake squares to a sentiment on the same size square and attached then to the left side of the tag along with a smaller square at the top of the tag. 
  • The Snow Way stamp set has the cutest designs and seemed perfect for my tags. I used Colorbox Color Pop ink in Mystery to stamp the images and then colored them with a variety of my favorite markers. All elements were adhered using Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue, except for the snowmen which were popped up using foam dimensionals.

  • I buy clear plastic or glass ornaments and Pledge Floor Care with Future. It has to have Future in it or else the glitter does not adhere as well to the sides of the ornament.
  • Using a funnel, put a small amount of Floor Care into the ornament and swirl it around to coat the entire inside. Pour the excess back into the bottle ( or small paper cup ) to reuse.
  • Place glitter into the ornament using either a funnel or else a paper cone. Swirl the glitter to coat the entire inside and then pour the excess out to re-use, I sometimes mix different colors of glitter so I don't waste any.
  • I use every kind/shape of ornament -  heart, oval, lightbulb, plain, patterned. Some of the prettiest have designs of snowflakes or patterns that show through when rest of the interior is coated with glitter. 
  • Every kind of glitter can be used in these ornaments. I used Martha Stewart glitter for these but have also used less expensive glitter, tinsel glitter etc... 

So, what am I going to do with my cute little tags, you ask ?? Well, two of the places that give me joy are the book store and the coffee shop. So I will be dropping off a few at each of those places to some booksellers and baristas. Several more will be left on a shelf or table for anyone to find.  I challenge each of you to share a bit of yourself this holiday season ( and all year long ) by creating something and giving it away.. I am doing this to continue in the spirit of the Christmas Love Campaign that was started by Susan K Weckesser to honor her late father. I hope that you will join me and brighten someone's day.

Thank you for visiting.. I hope that my project has inspired you.
Debra Davison
Susan K Weckesser Creative Team