Friday, June 7, 2013

Susan's Adventure!

Susan woke up one morning recently. The flowers were alive with thrumming bees. The birds were very busy with household chores and Susan was happy!

Big white clouds appeared. Quickly they turned grey and rain began to fall. Susan was still happy and began to dance.
The storm grew fierce and soon Susan was very worried about her shed. So she tied her kite to it and hung on.

Luckily for Susan she had her mobile and called the Fire Station. A familiar voice told her to "Be calm and hang on!"
Before Susan knew it the Fire Truck arrived and a handsome fireman went about rescuing the shed and saving Susan too.

Just before the fireman went on his noisy way, he winked at Susan as he said, "Be ready to shine girly! I'll be back for lunch soon."

Inspired by a Facebook conversation with  Susan K. Weckesser I created these badges using the Susan designed "Fly Away" for Unity Stamp Set.

What fun it was too because as we all know LIFE is full of Hang On, Dance and Shine moments and we never know when they will arrive.

I wear little badges like these often as they are so quick to make and I delight in handing one over to anyone who needs one.
Have a fun weekend.
I'm intending to SHINE while DANCING in the forecast puddles!


  1. Julie THIS IS AMAZING! You have got my brain thrumming with excitement about creating a BOOK?! You rocked my world today... Grin

    1. I love when an idea sparkles and fizzles and off we go! I would really enjoy seeing what you do, Lynne.

  2. Julie your blog post was a joy to read today..BEAUTIFUL...I have those stamps now woohoo !!
    Big hugs my friend


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