Thursday, June 6, 2013

Susan K Weckesser Inc. is going to have a few Guests!

Guest Designer Blinkie

Thank-you to everyone who applied to be an All-Star Guest Designer with our wonderful team at Susan K. Weckesser Inc. Can I say that you all were simply amazing!!!! I was super touched by your emails and your BEAUTIFUL artwork! Thank-you!

So, without further ado,

Congratulations to the Susan K. Weckesser Inc.Guest Design Team:

Tatiana Allen

Jaine Drake

Lee-Anne Thorton

Allie Gower

Jeanie Dickinson

Keri Sallee

  As I mentioned, I was really amazed and touched by peoples stories, emails and artwork, so we will be having a Guest Designer Spotlight where designers, scrapbooker, papercrafters, crafters,and artists will have a chance to share their work and a little bit about why they love doing what they do. I will be contacting people over the next day or two to ask if you would like to be part of the Guest Designer Spotlight.

Thank-you for you kindness and support! Everyday I LOVE to see how ART touches everyone's heart so differently. It is SO AMAZING and SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Have a VERY beautiful day!!


Susan xo


  1. I'm just thrilled, thank you very very much.

  2. Congratulations's a great team to be on!! Special shout out to Jaine,great to have you here.

  3. Oh so excited to have a new fire ignited within me! Susan and her line are very inspirational and being a guest designer is just what my creative soul is in need of right now :)

  4. Congrats, ladies!! I am so happy for you....I can't wait to see all of your inspiring art work and to meet you, too!!


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