Monday, June 24, 2013

Alberta Flood 2013


It has been a very challenging and tiring 5 days around here at the Weckesser household. It has been an EXTREMELY hard time in Southern Alberta and in the City of Medicine Hat. Our hearts go out to all the people who have been effected by the Alberta Floods at this time! Flood Weckesser 2013 2

Being married to a Emergency worker, we have seen some very challenging times and extremes hardships; ourselves being evacuated twice because of wild fires up in Northern Alberta a few years ago, and being flooded out once when we first moved here to Medicine Hat three years ago.  However, I have to say…. this flood truly was something that no person could have imagined. This week-end we where expecting family to fly and travel in from all areas to help celebrate our son Kurt ‘s mission farewell. He leaves tomorrow for his  2 year Kobe,Japan mission. Instead, people were turned around and the friends that did come helped  volunteer with our family and sand bag or go door to door and notify people that they had to being evacuated. Even Friday night, my 15 year old daughter went out with church groups, Firemen and policemen to notify people of the evacuation. I was am amazed at her maturity in handling that situation and wanting to help people. On Sunday, after Kurt’s Mission Farewell talk…we quickly feed everyone that showed up, and then anyone that was able, headed out to sand bag, even guests.IMG_0395

Jessica getting back from sandbagging. She was so hot, tired, and dirty, but she was still smiling!IMG_0410The flats, downtown, and the low lying areas are pretty flooded. As of 7:00am the river waters were at 5300 cubic metres per second. Words just can’t express feelings, but you know how I express my feelings through my art and my photographs… here are a few pictures.Flood Weckesser 2013 4

Flood Weckesser 2013 7



Flood Weckesser 2013 8


Flood Weckesser 2013 9IMG_0414IMG_0409Flood Weckesser 2013 10Flood Weckesser 2013 11Flood Weckesser 2013

We had left over food from the farewell, so we made deliveries to the fire halls. The emergency workers have been working SO hard!!!



As a wife of a emergency responder I often hear things as they happen or before and I often hear it all. I know how hard all the emergency workers work and the volunteers. Thank-you to everyone. Our HEARTs go out to everyone in this province at this time.

If you need assistant or need more information on the flood visit the Red Cross website. 

We would also love to help any we can! Please keep safe!





  1. Hugs Susan and Family. Seeing all the devastation in our river valley, High River being gone, Calgary disasters, and Medicine Hat, hearing about even Waterton Lakes was having flooding and damage, all of it is so heartbreaking. On the flip side, seeing the hours of service and hearing stories of rescues and help warms the heart. Thank you for sharing your families experiences with us. Best wishes to your son as he begins his mission.

    1. Thank-you SO much Marylou! It has been a hard week! Marcus come home so tired each night. They are working so hard trying to get all the families back into their homes. But it is heart breaking because there is so much damage and so many tears.... but, you are right. It is SO wonderful to see so many people, often total strangers working together! Thank-you for your kind words my friend! It really means the world to! xoxo


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