Monday, October 21, 2013

Whimsical Jewlery box

Hi everyone!  I have a cute little project to share with you this week.  I had this old box lying around, it originally contained a watch and bracelet set.  It is hinged and opens up to a velvet lining inside.  I used Susan's banner stamps "Celebration of Simple" to decorate the box as well as scrap paper and embellishments that I had lying around.

Above is the finished product.

1.  I first stamped many time the images from the stamps set onto some paper I had by Melissa Frances. I think I did about 24 banners and used 3 of the banner styles in the set. 
2.  I then cut out the stamped images and layered them around the base of the box, over lapping them and gluing them down.
3.  I then cut out a strip of paper to cover the edges of the top part of the box and a piece of cardstock to cover the top.
4.  I hot glue gunned crystal door knobs onto the bottom of the box so it would have feet.  You can see them peeking out from under the paper.
5.  I found various items to put on top of the box, including some lace appliques, fabric flowers that had buttons on them, plastic beads and a large metal crown.
6.  I also punched out a number of paper flowers to edge the top of the box. 
7.  Once I had the box all covered with paper I layered all the items on to the top of the box starting with the paper flowers around the edge. 
8.  Once I was done I added black bling to the edge of the box as well as into the enter of the flowers and the bead to bring it together. 

Here are a few more shots of the finished husband thinks it looks Medieval, LOL not sure where he came up with that....well I hope you enjoyed this weeks project and everyone is enjoying the "fall" weather or what ever the weather is where you live!  Bye for now, see you again in a few weeks!

Hugs Jennifer

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