Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What is YOUR Definition of True Love?

Hello EVERYONE!  Lynne here today and this week I wanted to share with you a scrapbook page and to explain why I scrapbook and why it gives me so much joy.  It's because scrapbooking is my way of creating a tangible record of the moments in my life that I want to remember in detail.  And I know for a fact that you THINK you're going to remember these special moments forever, but unless you have a photo and the story written down somewhere - you WON'T remember - especially the details. This page called LIZARD LOVE represents the "Why" of my scrapbooking perfectly, because the photo does not give you the back story but the scrapbooked page does.  And I wanted this page to memorialize forever the moment I realized just how much my husband really loves me:

THE BACKSTORY:  I LOVE Creepy Crawly things, snakes, spiders and lizards ( I always have) but my big, burly raised-in-the-country Husband DOES NOT!  And on this afternoon in Mexico we ended up at an Iguana Farm - and the ONLY reason he went in was because he knew just how much I wanted to go!
Now the "farm" was an enclosure about the size of a small backyard, totally covered in chicken wire, even the roof had chicken wire on it, so you felt totally TRAPPED once you got in, and there were cell-like enclosures each containing a different stage of the development of the Iguana, starting with the eggs and leading up to the adults.  The adult lizards had the largest cell because there were about 100 of them and we were the ONLY ones in there... (have you got the picture yet?)

Now I don't know if you have ever been around a LOT of iguana's all at once, but it is kinda creepy, because all the adults turn to look at you at almost the same time, and then they FREEZE staring at you... NOT moving  a muscle, not even blinking! It is totally intense, and SUPER Creepy even if you LIKE them.  But my husband not only went in ... he even took some photos of me when I got to hold one of the babies ... and you can tell by the look on my face just how much I LOVE baby lizards!

When we left the farm and were once again safely in the back seat of our hired car, I got a look at my husband's face and realized just what an AMAZING thing he had done for me... and it was at that  moment when I really KNEW that money can't buy everything because no amount of money could ever buy me the gift he had given me that day and Forever... because for me This is TRUE GROWN-UP ADULT LOVE!

So in the crazy, busy lives we lead today I really encourage you to stop and take an hour to record some of those truly meaningful moments you have with your friends and family because it will be really, really worth it one day! 


  1. What an amazing story to have captured! Love the background and colors and journaling strips!

  2. What a fun adventure! Great layout to capture that moment and memory! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Now that's a fun story and I love the look on your hub's face in the picture! lol What a great LO capturing love's moment! hee hee

  4. Yeah... that's REAL love !!! It think the layout is cute ... story well captured !

  5. Iguana's sound like bank managers Lynn!Seriously though I loved your layout and the story!

  6. Beautiful and heartfelt story Lynne with a gorgeous layout for a keepsake!! Really enjoyed reading it today.
    Tracy xxx


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