Monday, September 30, 2013

Pan Pastels & Premium Craft Brand & Me

Tile 2


I LOVE PLAYING with color….and experimenting, and layering, and pushing it to the very limits! If you know my artwork and my style you know I tend to be curious and just because something doesn’t say that I can’t do it… doesn't mean that I am not doing try it! And if worse comes to worse….I am married to a fire man so if it goes up in flames….  And that is exactly why I love layering different wonderful products from Ranger Ink, Ice Resin, Prima Marketing, Clear Snap, i love to create, Faber Castell, and so many other wonderful manufactures that have cool products that make my {HEART} and imagination soar! Because I can and I always get really neat results!  That is why, when last week I was given the opportunity to be a Premium Craft Brands Educator on the PanPastel UK Blog I was delighted because like the companies that I am already an Endorsed Educator with, Ranger Ink and  Helmar, I truly admire the companies, and the products. I love working with them, creating new things and sharing what I am creating with other people.

I have taught classes, written and created many projects with Pan Pastels, but I really am thrilled to be working with Premium Craft Brands on this level and I sure hope that you check out there wonderful site and blogs.You can find their site HERE. Lots of COLOURFUL sweetness!

Feel free to grab the blinkie

PANPASTEL on ceramic tiles!?Tile 1

Why Not!?

Use something like a watermark resist or Emboss IT pen from Ranger Ink and layer it down with a decoupage medium like a Mod Podge or Helmar’s Decoupage and Craft Paste. The colours shine through and are SO vibrant!

Tile 3

Vintage papers and pattern pieces look very cool when layered in. This is really fun and easy to do! So COME and PLAY!!!!! Give it a try! *grin*

OK…another winner!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Thank-you to everyone for hop, hop, hopping with us and the Creating Keepsakes Mixed Media Scrapbooking Blog Hop! That was So MUCH FUN!!!!


The winner is:

juliejulieSeptember 20, 2013 at 2:58 PM

I have been dabbling in mixed media on my pages love love love the collage style. just bought an old songbook that I cant wait to use... and staples love it all... cut out pics too... ty for sharing cant wait to see vol 2 hope to win!! oh and waving back!! made me smile


Julie, please email me at .

Well… is the last day of September, ALREADY! October is going to be a BLAST!! So hold on! SOOOO many changes coming and new things starting!!! SO EXCITNG!! Stay tuned!



Susan xo



  1. How very cool! I love working with PanPastels. And I wouldn't have thought to try them on a tile!

  2. I've not tried Pan Pastels before, but hear they are a lot of fun to play with! Hopefully one day I will get to try them out too, looks like you had a lot of fun experimenting with them!

  3. I don't yet have any Pan PAstels. You do make them look fun!


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