Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rhonna Designs Photo Editing App Giveaway!

photo (21)

I have been so privileged to be part of Rhonna Farrer’s Creative team for almost two years now. it has been a wonderful blessing to be part of Rhonna’s team because I have been able to work along side some truly amazing and talented women! Not to mention it has been so incredible to watch Rhonna’s designs and products grow and bloom. She is incredibly sweet, gracious, and talented. What I really have liked about being on Rhonna’s Creative team is that even when I have been busy designing and creating my own designs and writing articles, I have been lucky enough to design and play with Rhonna’s beautiful photo editing designs and tools. To take beautiful pictures and then play and edit them…..well, for me…I find that extremely relaxing. It helps me to relax and unwind! That is why I was SO THRILLED when Rhonna told us that she was developing an app with app developer Devin Pitcher. How COOL is that!!!!!  I have had SO much fun helping to test the app along with the rest of the Rhonna Farrer Creative Team!!!

photo (19)

I have tried quite a few apps for editing my pictures and I have to admit….this one ROCKS!!!! It has so many cool functions, texts, layers, and MORE!! Truly AMAZING!!! I have said it repeatedly…It is like having a mini studio in your pocket!!!!! SWEET!!!!photo (18)

AMAZING!!! Look how by selecting the ‘shadow’ option on Rhonna’s app,  I made the bee appear like it is actually flying off my picture! How cool is that!

And, if you are not sure how to do these things on your own, DON’T WORRY…. Rhonna has  free video tutorial workshops on her site, Rhonna Designs!


To purchase the app, which is number #1 in Photo & Video category on the the 'new & noteworthy', you can go to the Apple ITunes App Store…HERE.

Here are a few more of my edited pictures. These are picture that I snapped on my IPhone and then edited with Rhonna new app. photo (17)

photo (16)

photo (22)

Guess WHAT!?

Rhonna Farrer has given me an app to giveaway!!!! Leave a comment telling me why you like taking pictures and be sure to go and like Rhonna Designs on Facebook and say Hello from Susan…your creative & Canadian friend! *grin* On July 18, I will announce the winner!


and thank-you Rhonna for this fun give-away!

Now…lets get snapping everyone!


Susan xo

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  1. I have had a camera since I was 12 years old and I LOVE taking random pictures mostly I think for the memories and it's just so gosh darn much fun!!!

  2. Hi Susan! A couple of years ago I purchased my first really good (well as good as I could afford) camera. I'm still not that great with it and it shows in the pictures I take of my cards. I find that I can never really capture the true essence of my cards. I'd love to be able to touch up my pictures so that they are more acceptable to post. This app looks as though it might actually be a lot of fun to play around with.

  3. I have to have my IPhone or my camera with me at all times...I have two sweet grandsons, that I do not want to miss one minute of the wonderful times that we spend with one another!!!! Even a simple thing that watering the flowers....I am snapping away!!! My Pictures are My Memories of My Blessings!!!!

  4. I take photographs because I want to relive the moments in my imagination, brag of beauty to others, remember and be remembered - even if only as a faded curiosity of an heirloom box of photos... My kids and I would love this app to help create our masterpieces to come!

  5. Photography for me is my way of expressing to my children, family and friends what I just saw when they are looking the other way. It is my way of capturing the joy I felt when I saw all the colors in the distant scenery. It is my way of capturing and leaving behind my journey for when I am gone....Thank you for the inspiration and the opportunity...


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