Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making Your Own Patterned Paper...

Hello Friends! Lynne Mizera here to share with you how I made my own beautiful patterned paper using Susan's Autumn Grunge stamp set from Unity Stamps.

To create this page I used watercolor paints but you can use inks or sprays or gelatos for this three-step, embossed-resist technique.

The process involves laying down some color on a blank page and stamping and heat embossing twice more to create all these lovely colors and layers.  Follow along as I show you how I created the patterned page below

I used a sheet of 90lbs Multi-Media paper with a vellum finish.  The vellum finish is important because it will allow you to wet the paper over and over again without it breaking down

I start by painting the entire page with my lightest color and I make sure it is completely dry before I add my first layer of heat embossed stamps using a watermark ink and a clear embossing powder.

Here you can see the paint detail before the excess has been buffed off
After I am happy with my first layer of stamps I add a second layer of paint colors up to my medium darkest value, saving my darkest colors for the final layer.  I paint right over top of the embossed images.

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When the second layer of paint has dried slightly I use a wet wipe to gently remove the paint from the first set of embossed images and to blend and lighten the colors on my page if they are too dark; Make sure your page is thoroughly dry before you add a second layer of embossed stamps incorporating the new colors. I keep adding color, removing it slightly and stamping and embossing until I like the effect and I have enough images on my page.

On this page you can see where I used a wet wipe
Finally I apply my final layer of paint in the darkest values, allowing it dry slightly and then buffing off any excess paint from all the stamps so they really pop off the page.   

The darker the background color the more your stamps will emerge from the background. (see the detail below)

I love using Susan's Autumn Grunge stamps for this technique... this detail photo shows you the rich color and multi-layering on this page... the possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing my very first post ... now go and make some of your own original patterned paper!
"Scrapbook Lynne" Mizera


  1. Wow Lynne! This is stunning! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  2. Lynne I love making my own papers and this technique of yours has a couple of twists in it that I just might try. the result is lovely - change the colour and you personalise exactly. Love it!

  3. Love it - this came out fantastic!

  4. Love this Lynne..will be having a go at this for sure.
    Tracy xxx

  5. Great job Lynne. That was a super creative process for creating your own patterned paper. Thanks for sharing!


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