Monday, November 22, 2010

Mixed Media Canvas

sunny day painting

I got out some glazes, papers, papers, and inks and then I had some fun playing. 

          Sunny Day 3


        sunny day 1

Sunny day 6

I love using Glimmer Glam to create whimsical drips of color. It also made a nice magical sheen on my work.Sunny Day5   Sunny Days 12

I also Mod Podge some canvas pieces onto my work with nice accents of color. I did not want to be rigid with this piece, so the only formal parts of the work are the bits of the pattern that I used.

Sunny day 17  Sunny Day 15

Sunny Day 2

sunny day 7  Here's a  flower create from an old pattern covered with mod podge, and enhanced with Delta Ceramcoat  acrylic paints. I then outlined the flower with Glimmer Glam & Glimmer Glaze from Tattered Angels.Sunny Day 14 (2)  To give a slight pattern to the canvas I used a Tatter Angel stencil and Glimmer Mist ChalkBoard. This also gave a aged look to the canvas at the same time giving a neat faint pattern.

Sunny Days 8

       Sunny Days 10   

Sunny Days 11  To give my work a cool aged look I brushed on a layer of Distress crackle paint from Ranger, when I was done.


I mixed Mod Podge with Glimmer Glam from Tatter Angel and got some neat textural effects.

{If you mix these 2 mediums together you get a nice effect when working on plastics.}

Sunny Days 13

*My Piece of Sunshine!!!


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