Thursday, November 18, 2010

Making Christmas Bags as a Family



christmas bag close up

'Just put out a whole bunch of craft supplies and let your children have fun create gift bags for your family to pixie!'christmas bags

We have a tradition in are family that for each holiday during the year our family 'pixies' other families.

pixie~ to bake goodies for another family, package them, go to their house & put them on the door step, ring the doorbell & run away with out them knowing who did it!

We have a great time doing this tradition! Part of the whole plan is getting ready for it. First we bake goodies. Usually something simply that everyone can help with like chocolate chip cookies or rice krispie squares. Next we get our bags ready. The kiddos have always loved crafting, so what better way to use up odds and ends. I let them make up the bags any way they want to. It may not be the way that I would have done them, but they are having fun and they look really cute in the end, plus we are spending time together as a family!

If you haven't tried it, give it a try this year! It is so fun!


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