Sunday, November 28, 2010

Leftover Scrapbooking Paper -> Ornaments!


Paper Strip Ornament

We all have lots of scrap scrapbooking paper around, so instead of tossing in out you can make some really fun for you tree or to give as gifts. They really are super fun and easy to do. So round up your kiddos and make up a batch!

We have been getting so many wonderful prizes for The Christmas Love Campaign. I can just will the excitement building for this, but I need to hear what YOU are making or doing to reach out to spread some love. I really am anxious to start give away these prizes! SO LET"S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! Leave a comment on my blog by Wednesday,December 1, 2010 briefing saying how you plan on SPREADIN THE CHRISTMAS LOVE, or post you comment on the Susiebee Studios Inc. Christmas Love Campaign Facebook Page - . Someone will end up with a awesome prize from 7gypies!

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  1. I made these Tropical Angels and sent them off to my cousin in the US. A little reminder of home - sunny little Singapore.


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