Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In the beginning...

I feel like I have been here before, you know, at the beginning of something. I was in the middle of my blog , but then it became very sick with a very nasty virus which I couldn't cure at all. I really don't understand the purpose of viruses except they make my life miserable. Oh, and before you say anything, I know, I should have backed up my blog, but alas...I did not and so I am now at the beginning of another blog!

So...here we go. I found the perfect item to start my blog. A writing pad from Knock Knock . It is so darling because you can put down everything that you feel you want to ACCOMPLISH in the present or future. You can be as practical or as serious that you want to be. What fun! Maybe I should have put down back up blog!
                                     Keep on Scrappin'

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  1. Well ya gotta begin somewhere. I have a blog but I do not fully understand how to operate it! I love art and when asked if I am a scrap booker, card maker, mixed media artist, etc . . . I say ALL of the above! Scrap happy and silly and fun!


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