Thursday, March 11, 2010



When I was younger I loved playing with paints. I especially loved going to stationary stores with my Mother where we would spend, what seemed like hours looking at all the different colours and types of paper. I was always allowed to pick out a new paper or two so I could write letters to my pen pals.  Not much has changed since then, I still love playing with paints and I still adore paper! I had so much fun making this altered canvas . I used bits of mulberry paper and recycled paper. Check out Susiebee Studios for more detail on this project. When doing a project like this remember that there aren’t any rules; just have fun!



  1. Susan you say "when doing a project like this, remember there are not any rules; just have fun". I work with special needs children and use art projects to help them in many ways, but especially their self esteem. I like what you say and know it is true because I tell my students "there are no mistakes, you just go with whatever you do and it works out, looks great and you have fun doing it.

    1. I SO agree with you. That is what I always tell people to. It truly is a blessing to be able to just create and just have fun with it.

    2. I have worked with special needs children and so have a couple of my children. The love that these children can show is so amazing. Thank-you for what you do. xo


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