Thursday, December 5, 2013

Making People Smile in High River after the Flood at a Healing Crop.




It is December…Already. It is amazing to me as to how quickly the year has passed. So much has happened and yet, there still is so much to quickly finish before this one last month of the year comes to an end. I love the magic of the month of December. As I watched the magic of the snow falling and transforming our world during the bit of a blizzard that we were having her in Alberta the last couple of days I couldn’t help but feel excited about what the big white snowflakes meant to me… HOPE and NEW BEGINNINGS! I have always like how in the winter it feels like the earth is getting a fresh start as it is coated in a blanket of pure white. It truly is beautiful. Not to mention I can hardly hold myself back as the first snowflakes appear because I can’t wait to jump outside and make a snow angel or a snowman!

My heart has also been touched by all the amazing cards and artwork, notes and messages that I have received and that have come in for the Christmas Love Campaign!! THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart!! You are AMAZING!!!!

I have to share with you one such AMAZING story. In November I heard about one AWESOME lady – Martha Schroeder-Klassen who is from High River , Alberta


Well, do you remember early this year, right around the time that Kurt was leaving on his Mission to Kobe, Japan how Southern Alberta was hit by one of the worse floods ever? We were all shocked by the magnitude of it all and I don't think that we were totally prepared for what was totally happening or how it was going to effect us, our neighbours, our communities, and our province. I know that the way it impacted our family was great and those marks will be there for a very long time. However, one of the hardest hit communities during this flood was High River, Alberta. In this beautiful little community, the devastation was unbelievable. I know that I have mentioned it before that I am married to an Emergency Responder. Marcus, my husband, is a fireman and fire inspector. He has been for almost 20 years and through those years have we not only seen and helped people make it through tragic situations but we ourselves have lived through a few; Forest Fires up in Northern Alberta and now two floods in Southern Alberta. I get it. I get the frustration, the disappointment, the sadness, the grief, the depression, and the unbelief that comes. Even just the frustration and helplessness that comes with trying to work with insurance companies and the government afterwards is enough to make you to want to look at Death by Chocolate not only only as a tasty treat but as a very literal escape plan! It is really hard for people who haven’t lived through these event to truly understand those feelings. Not that I would wish upon anyone. So, when people reach out and do something nice and with a kind heart during things hard times it is such a ray of sunshine that that sometimes can even mean the difference between life and death , make it or break it,  for someone who has just about had enough of all the bad and horrible things that they see are going on in their life and around them.

That is why I wanted to reach out and say thank-you to Martha Schroeder-Klassen. She truly is an angel who is trying very hard to get her family, her home, and her life back together after the flood! Plus… she is reaching out and helping the people in her community. You know how much I believe in art and scrapbooking as being healing and therapy. Well, I heard and was invited to an event that Martha was holding this past November.


Did you see the above invitation? It was called A HEALING CROP. And it says that If you have lost all of your supplies, come with nothing, we with take care of you.


I get tears in my eyes just typing this up! This is what the world is supposed to be about. People looking out for one another! I SO LOVEIT!  Well, you know I have a little thing called the Christmas Love Campaign going on right now, so……..

I emailed my awesome friend Marisa Pawelko, the Modern Surrealist at Westcott Brand who is one of the CLC sponsors and told her the story. Without hesitation, Marisa emailed me back asking for Martha’s address saying that they would be mailing her a big box of Westcott goodies including:

(1) Trim Air Wide Body Trimmer - PURPLE

(1) Replacement Blade Pack for Trim Air Wide Body Trimmer - PURPLE

(1) Cushion Grip Hobby Knife with Standard Blade

(1) Replacement Blade Pack for Cushion Grip Hobby Knife - Standard Blades

(1) 8” Straight Handle NonStick Scissors - PURPLE

(1) 5” NonStick Scissors

(1) Scissor Holster - Black and White Zebra

(1) Scissor Mouse - Black and White Zebra

(1) 12” x 18” Pink/Purple Reversible Self Healing Cutting Mat

(1) 18” Stainless Steel Cork Back Ruler

westcott logo

Now, I know that this won’t heal broken hearts, or change what has happen but this will help to try make new creations. Art and Scrapbooking really can help in the healing process!

Martha…… thank-you for all that you have done for the ladies in High River, Alberta.  And thank-you also too Marisa Pawelko and Westcott Brand for helping to share some love!!


Have you entered the #tagsoflove contest? Deadline is December 9th at midnight! More information can be found HERE.

Come and join us and help to spread some CHRISTMAS LOVE and remember…you truly are AMAZING!


Susan xo


  1. Thank you for acknowledging Martha! She truly did put on an awesome event for High River ! :)

  2. Thank you for giving Martha her due. She is kind, giving, loving and one of the funniest people on the planet. Her desire to give back despite all her personal losses is what makes this world a better place. Her efforts are truly appreciated by many.

  3. What an incredibly touching story! Martha defines what it means to truly love others! So glad the event turned out so well! Thank you to Martha. Marisa and Westcott for giving so much!!


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