Friday, January 4, 2013

Designer Chat with Sue Sykes & Final Christmas Love Campaign Giveaway

Designer Chat2
The next and last designer chat is with a friend that I met through Canadian Scrapbooker, Sue Sykes. She is a super talented photographer and scrapbooker who writes columns like Hands on Photography for the Canadian Scrapbooker. 

Her work is gorgeous and so is her heart!
So I would like to introduce you to SUE….
 Hello everyone!  My name is Sue Sykes and I'm so happy to be part of the Christmas Love campaign this year!  I've been blessed to call Susan a friend for a while now, and I've never met a sweeter person – I'm not surprised that she is behind all this love! <3
Growing up, I couldn't think about Christmas without considering love.  Being Catholic, Christmas is about spreading the joyous news and celebrating Jesus' birth.  Being Italian also meant that the holidays were filled with family and friends, with seemingly endless celebrations.  My mother would always organize our extended family and plan for a large gathering, usually in our home.  It was important for her to keep her family close, and she instilled that desire into both my sisters and I.
Since her passing on December 23, 2004, Christmas has been a bittersweet occasion.  We continue to celebrate, but honour her memory as well.  I think one of the best ways to honour her spirit and giving nature is to embrace the very essence of Christmas – Love and Charity.  Remembering those who are less fortunate.  Helping those that have lost their way.  Creating art to make tired souls sing.  Providing a smile for those who cry.
This year, our family is participating in the 26 Acts of Kindness, that was inspired by Ann Curry's tweet from Dec 16, following the Newtown, CT massacre.  But we are taking it one step forward and will be extending this throughout the year, past the Christmas season.  It may be something as small as buying coffee for a homeless person on the street, or sending cards to troops overseas, or as lavish as paying and electric bill for a family in need.
Because that's really what Christmas is all about.
Wishing you a happy, healthy, giving 2013!

Thank-you SO much Sue for sharing….It really means so much! You ROCK girl!!!! And thanks to all my special designers and crafters who have stopped by and shared for Designer Chat!
One LAST giveaway…..
Christmas Tags
A JAMMED PACKED GOODIE BOX full of wonderful stuff from wonderful Christmas Love Campaign sponsors………
These companies were SO generous this year!!!!  

Just do 2 things.
1) Go to each of these sponsors on FACEBOOK and post on their wall that your SHARED some Christmas LOVE this year with Susan K. Weckesser! Give them a Hug or Smile! :D
2) Come back here and let me know that you did this and also let me know in a couple words what was the BEST part about SHARING Christmas Love this past Holiday Season!!!
I won’t be picking a winner until after I get back from CHA and the MORE PEOPLE that I have doing this the more generous I might become…… you never know, there might be TWO giant GIFT boxes given away. SO PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!
Also, I will announce the book giveaway winner from Mark Montano when I get back from CHA too…..So you still have time to read that Designer Chat and comment on that blog post. You can find that HERE.
Mark Montano
                                     THANK-YOU SO much!!!!!!
and GOOD LUCK!!!!
Thank-you for making 2013 AWESOME!!!!!


  1. It is so nice to meet you, Sue. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    'Wishing you many blessings,


  2. I am late reading all the posts but have been so inspired...I Love the spirit of giving and spreading forward.
    Susan just wanted to thank you for this wonderful idea, all the guests, the wonderful sponsors along the way.
    Your always an inspiration and people and companies are blessed to call you a friend.
    Happy New Year! I am of to thank the sponsors as well.

  3. I did what you asked me to do. I made a TON of cookies for neighbors, friends and family, and 27 co-workers. I love to do things for others, and they love it, too!

  4. Hi Sue
    Happy New year,beautiful post and your Mum was a special lady indeed!
    She would be so proud.
    I believe that the gift of giving and bringing a smile or help is also more than just for Christmas as well.
    Going to go pop on by your blog...thanks for sharing Sue.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Tracy - and she WAS a great lady! xoxo


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