Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bits and Bobbs....

It is Jennifer here again to bring you another project using the fabulous Susan K Weckesser products! In my scraproom I have almost everything showing, in either a bowl, basket, wall hanger, tackle boxes etc. I like to "shop" my room and find items and bring them together to make things! I hold onto everything just in case some day I can use it. Here is what I pulled together, I went around and grabbed items that struck my fancy.

Here is a picture of those items.

I wanted to use the Susan K Weckesser stamp..... It is a cute little girl that stamps so crisp....and the little stamp "Bless this Nest" is so adorable.

I have been wanting to use this fabric flower for a while now, I bought it in many colours!

I layered all the elements that I had pulled together gluing them onto the flower. As well I tucked tags in and the pins in the ruffles of the flower. If anyone of you live in Canada, you will recognize the Eaton's name, these are vintage tags I found that used to be used to put the prices on the items in the store.  This is what it ended up looking like.

The dangley bottom part was made by opening up the existing loop and adding the other items to it.

The little banner was just a piece of paper cut to size and stamped and folded over a pin and glued.

Once it was finished I was not sure what I wanted to do with it, first I thought that I would put a broach on the back and I could wear it, but it is a bit too delicate and big for that. Then I though I would put it in a little shadow box frame, but did not have one suitable at home. So off I went and "shopped" the room again and found this little clipboard. I inked the top and edges with stays on to make it a bit more old looking.  I added a piece of paper that was inked as well to glue it to.  It is now a cute little item that will find a home somewhere in my scraproom, tucked into a shelf so it can be admired.

Thanks again for letting me share with you my creations that are made with Susan K Weckesser products, can't wait to make something again and share. See you in a few weeks.  Enjoy your week and all the great CHA products coming out!

Hugs, Jennifer 


  1. Hi Jennifer, that is so pretty and loved that you shopped your house...something I love to do as well.

  2. Hi Jennifer
    How sweet is this? A delightful piece for your space or to give away. The dimension that you have looks so good too.
    I too shop my stash - right now we are doing a BIG reorganise and clean up so I bet the very thing I reluctantly part with will be the "perfect" need.
    Loved your post!


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