Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Fun…… means a SALE!

little angel

I love drawing Angels… They always put a smile on my face!

I took a couple days off…..totally unplugged from the world and it was SO nice. I just relaxed and spent some time unwinding. I think that we really need to do that from time to time. I baked with my girlies. I did some doodling. I even watched a movie. It was really kinda fun!

I wanted to let you know that Unity Stamp Co. has one of my stamps on sale right now. It actually is one of my background canvas stamps that I adore! Super fun to use this for mixed media canvases, cards, scrapbooking, painting walls…… basically anything!

In Circle Me

$10 $7 (30)% savings 

NOTIONS INCIRCLE meI am not to sure how long it will be on sale, so you might want to go check it out!


Well, I hope that you have a wonderful day and that you take a little time to do something just for yourself today!





  1. Your Angel is adoreable Susan,glad you enjoyed your time off!!

  2. What a sweet Angel and it is so good that you had time out - that's in the plan for me too next week. Running away sure takes some planning sometimes!
    I too love the stamp that is on sale - it's versatility is fabulous.


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