Saturday, March 3, 2012

Creating My Day in Mixed Media

Create your Day 3

I love when I have a chance to sit in my studio an just create. Today I took out my 'Create your Day' stamps that I co-branded with Unity Stamp Co. and I sat down and had fun doing what always puts a smile on my face….playing with color.

Picture of Create your Day

You Can find all my stamps at Unity Stamp Co. HERE .

I pulled out old papers, school supplies, Mod Podge, tea stained mica fragments and mica gloss.

Love Yourself (2)

I used my cloud stamps and white embossing powder. I then highlighted the clouds with aquamarine metallic mica gloss. Love…   

Create your Day 2 (2)

Check out the BEAUTIFUL gold ink splotches I created by dropping drops of Kuretake Painty FX Ink (metallic gold) and then I used a heat gun on it! It was so fun to see the ink react to the heat…wonderful stuff!

Create your Dreams 8 (2)

To create the fabric texture on the corners of my canvas I used my stitch stamps from my 'Grandma's Needlepoint' set.

Create your Dreams 5 (2)

I LOVE the textured look it creates and so easy to do!

Picture of Grandma's Needlepoint

Create your Dreams 6

The sun is so  fun because it is so full of textures including mica fragments, mica gloss, acrylic paint, and a little bit of painty FX ink from Kuretake. To help it set and give it that lovely hot and bubbly look I used my heat gun for a bit.

Create your Dreams 7 (2)

I stamped my house on a separate piece of lined scrap paper and then sealed it on. I also went around the edges a bit with mica gloss. I had fun doodling my wording with Tim Holtz's Adirondack Alcohol Ink Fillable Pen.

I had a lot of fun and got SUPER colorful! Best day ever!!!


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  1. This is gorgeous Susan, I love love love all that texture going on. I have to try the heat on painty pens technique, I've done it on acrylic paint but haven't thought about the pens before. Have a good day.x

  2. Thank-you Jaine! Oh really have to try it! It really is magical!!! :)


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