Friday, October 3, 2014

Did you #SpotTheGnomey

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Mr Gnomey has had a great time traveling the world and we’ve enjoyed seeing his travels.  While this #SpotTheGnomey challenge may be ending, we know that Mr. Gnomey has many more adventures ahead.  
I’m so proud that our designers got really excited about this challenge and had so many entries as well.  Our random draw of entries chose Sandee Setliff as our winner of the prize package for creating with “What’s up Gnomey” stamp kit.  Congratulations Sandee.  
Our Gnomey spotter prize winner is JPScraps – Jamie Papantonakis – she shared, retweeted, pinned, and reposted our #spotthegnomey challenge all over social media.   Congratulations, Jamie. 
Please email with your shipping information and we will get your prize package on it’s way! 
Huge THANK YOU to everyone that played with our #spotthegnomey challenge.  We would still love to see any #spotthegnomey projects you may make and you never know when we might share these on our Facebook page. 


  1. Congrats ladies! Gnomey is such a great Gnome. lol

  2. Thank You so much! The game was so much fun to play :) I'm sending an email now.

  3. I LOVE the gnomey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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