Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Until We Meet Again…

This post is dedicated to my Mother, Sylvia Pyrcz. She was a mother, a daughter, sister, wife, grandmother,  & friend. She LOVED life.  photo (77)

Mom was born in England during the war and although she was born an amputee we never saw her as one. My mother could do anything that she put her heart to, and that included being one of the first female coaches for male high school sports teams in Ontario during the late 60’s. She was awesome at baseball and could out swim anyone. My mother was also a talented artist and a wonderful seamstress. She sewed most of her own clothes, however I never appreciated the itchy wool pants that she sewed me when I was (56)We loved to be silly in our home! Mom’s first and last exercise bicycle. photo (57)As a family, the mountains has always held a dear place in our hearts. Our first climb to a top of a mountain together was when we moved to Alberta in the summer of 1978.20101104_400Our last visit to the mountains as a family was to remember our dear father in the spring of 2009.

It didn’t matter how much I told my kiddos to ‘behave’, grandma was sure to start something!photo (58)Like I said, Mom tried anything once…or twice! This is mom and my brother David taking over the playground…again! photo (60)Here is my mother and my baba. My girls can’t believe that grandma wore miniskirts… photo (62)People always knew my mother for her warm personality and her bright (63)photo (64)photo (80)Mom really loved (65)photo (66)When I was shy and nervous my mom and dad would always encourage me to try new things, like flying lessons and balloons rides or just getting my drivers license. I am not sure how they managed this... but they did and it was (67)photo (69)Yup, Mom loved to wrestle with my brothers but did not like me taking pictures of her doing that! I took pictures anyways and then RAN really FAST!!! photo (71)My parents had a lot of hard times. I guess like any family does. However, the happy, silly, goofy, times were amazing. I knew…. no, I KNOW that I was loved by them and still (84)Mothers are an AMAZING invention. I am SO grateful for the moms in my life!

photo (72)My mom loved the simple things in life. She love her garden. Her books. Her family. Her music. Her cat. Her children. Her freedom. Her independence. photo (73)

Did I mention that she really didn’t like how I always snuck up and took her pictures!?! She’d say, “Susan…put that camera away!” I am SO glad that I didn’t listen! photo (74)photo (75)

Having the missionaries over was something that my mother LOVED to do!!! She would filled them up on huge suppers and them we would go tobogganing! It made her smile showing missionaries snow for the first time!photo (86)

[Sylvia Pyrcz, Katherine Pyrcz, Susan(pyrcz)Weckesser, Christopher Weckesser]photo (76)photo (78)photo (79)


Mom had such a beautiful singing voice. She was so intelligent and well read in that she could quote most books on any topic. She knew her doctrine and loved to study…everything! She also LOVED to tell stories to the grandkids and they loved to listen!

photo (87)photo (83)

My mother was a beautiful human being! She truly loved life.

photo (82)

She was quick to help others when they needed help or a meal. She had been in Relief Society Presidency and Young Women callings with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church and she loved the women that she worked with and taught. When mom was happy, she was happy and she thrived…. I could call her and talk to her and know that she loved me and she was there for me. We would talk for hours on the phone….

However, behind my mom’s beautiful smile she hid a shadow that haunted her her whole life. My beautiful mother fought with depression most of her life and she hid it so well that only a couple close friends and a couple of her family knew. Now, I don’t say this to make you feel different about her…. She was beautiful in every way. I tell you this, because if you are reading this and if you or someone is suffering for depression or ‘blues’, PLEASE get HELP TODAY!!! To have a healthy body you really need a healthy mind! You CAN be HAPPY! Life is too precious! Mom did NOT take her own life. However, when my dad died, she gave up living. She was only 69 years old… she had so much more living to do! She had the chance to fly but she didn’t. We tried to do everything possible to get her the help that she needed…but she had been fighting this her whole life and then with a broken heart it was too much for her.

I know with all my heart that this wonderful women is now whole. She is not suffering physically or mentally anymore. I shed tears because my dear friend & mother is gone for now, but I will see her again! I am sure of this and it gives me great comfort. I am so grateful that I was so blessed to have my wonderful Mom and Dad in my life.

How COOL….Mom has now found her WINGS!

Thank-you Mom for EVERYTHING!

BIG {hugs} xo

Love, Toadie (Susan)


The link to Mom’s obituary is HERE.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss....but thank you for sharing so many of your wonderful memories.She sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

  2. Oh such a wonderful tribute to share. What a beautiful woman she must have been inside and out.It seems even though her lift was short she certainly lived it fully!
    Thanks for sharing with us- hugs to you sweetie

    1. Oh she did Dawn!! {hugs} back to you my sweet friend!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to share with the world Susan and you are so lucky to have been able to get photos - it must have been a thing with women of that time!
    As you were putting your post together I am sure there were so many memories small and large that filled your sad spaces. Hold those close to your heart. Your Mum would I am sure want you to live as big as you want to!
    You are so absolutely right about depression - it is the unwanted black dog that plagues my family and impacts on each and every one of us.
    Thank you for being brave and talking about it :)
    From another fragile heart on the other side of the world here comes a big Aussie HUG - you are in my thoughts.

    1. Julie....thank-you so much for your words and support!! You mean the world to me!! I needed to talk about this because I know it effects so many people.

  4. Wow Susan a beautiful warm tribute to your much loved Mum.
    Thank you so much for sharing her with us all ...a very special lady who will live in you heart and memory forever.... Whenever you think about may not see her, but she will be with you spreading those wings around you.
    Stay strong love to you all

    1. Thank-you SO much my sweet, sweet friend!! xo

  5. Now I understand more of where you got it all from, Susan. This is so very special and makes me realize I need to take more pictures now. Thanks for sharing this post and sharing even more of your life and your mother. Love ya.

    1. Hee Hee.... Yup, I guess you're right! :) luv ya too! xo

  6. Oh...that was so touching....Thank you for sharing! She was amazing!!!! I loved all the photos!!xx
    Big hugs to you!!xx

  7. Wow, what an amazing tribute to your Mother! She was absolutely amazing!
    Such an inspiration to everyone that she met I am sure! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and I am so glad that you did take all of the photos!

  8. Wonderful memories and mementos. Hugs and love and continued prayers for you.

    1. Hugs back my wonderful friend!! Thank-you for the prayers!

  9. A wonderful post and great tribute. I can relate to what you went through. So sorry for your loss but it sounds like you have so many great memories to focus on!

    1. Hello Karen, I am so sorry if you have gone through something similar. Thank-you for your kind words! {hugs}xo

  10. She sounds wonderful, just like her daughter! {hugs} I am so very sorry for your loss but incredibly grateful that you have such fond memories of her in your life. xoxo

  11. what a beautiful tribute to her life. I am so glad she had such a wonderful daughter. Beautiful memories thank you for sharing.. xxxooo


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