Saturday, October 13, 2012

Unity Stamp Company Donates Towards Christmas Love Campaign: Come Join In.

Unity Donation

When I saw Angela Magnuson post on Facebook this morning that Unity Stamps was going to donate $3 from the the sale of every one of my Snowman stamps towards the Christmas Love Campaign….. which I am donating the money to the Canadian Cancer Society, I couldn’t believe it. I was speechless. I still am. I am SO touched.  In fact…… I will just post the information today and have to talk about it another time because I really am so overwhelmed by emotions at this moment! Thank-you! Thank-you to everyone!!!

So, please….. join in. We have so many sponsors signing up this year it is going to be AWESOME and I know that we can make so many people SMILE! SO lets spread some LOVE!!!!

Now….. I am going to enjoy the moment and go finish gathering the dried flowers and herbs from the garden.

Have a awesome day!



  1. This is spectacular. Unity is full of abundance in the generosity department. Congrats on this fabulous donation to be made to your wonderful benefit! Hugs!
    Jessica S

  2. Woohooo Unity!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful gift to give and I love that there is still many, many beautiful people & companies out there helping others!!



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