Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mixed Media Blast with Susan at the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival

IMG_0358[1] This is the very first time I had my youngest daughter , Jessica, come with me to an event, so I was excited when she got up early and jumped in the car with me to head off to Calgary for the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival!
IMG_0346[1]Jessica was taking some pictures with my phone and as you can tell, we left sunshine and drove into yucky, snowy, cloudy, horrible road conditions. (Have I ever mentioned that I get lost, well, I get LOST …plus I am not good in BIG cities especially in BAD road conditions!) We made it there after being LOST 15 times! My husband gave me directions but to my defence he wrote down roads that didn’t even exist! Oy!
The Show was AWESOME! Lots to look at, see and do!
My CLASS was SO MUCH FUN!!!! The ladies who took my class were FANTASTIC!!!!! It was a 2 hour class, but it was such a technique packed class that we actually needed another hour to finish. I guess it doesn’t help that I LOVE to tell little stories and share lots of tid bits of information along the way!
Here are some pictures from the class!
002 Aren’t these two gals so cute! I adored how they weren’t afraid to get COLORFUL! Actually, no was afraid to get colorful…with was great!
In this mixed Media class we used Heidi Swapp’s Memory Albums, my Susan K. Weckesser Inc Paper Line and Unity Stamps and learned how to take different color mediums and layer them up to get different effects! Totally COOL!
We also learnt the blending wonders of Faber-Castell’s Gelatos. The colors match up so well and they are so easy to work with!004006We learnt how products can be layered on top of each other to achieve different effects, be it Heidi Swapp’s Color Shine, Clear Snap’s Mixed Media Ink, or Faber-Castell Gelatos.013
021It was so AWESOME to see how everybody’s creation was SO individual and unique! Everything looked so COLOFUL & BEAUTIFUL!015
012003010 I have to admit to….it put a smile on my heart to see people create with beautiful colors and to use my Live in Color paper and Co-Branded Susan K. Weckesser/ Unity Stamp Co. Stamps too! This class was so much fun!!!014
What A WONDERFUL & colorful mess!!! I LOVE it!
Thank-you to everyone that came out and shared this afternoon with me. Especially thank-you to my daughter Jessica for helping me enjoying the ride with me!
As we drove home last night through the yucky weather, the skies cleared for a moment, and right in front of us a bright shooting start fell for what seemed like minutes…. we where listening to the song, The Shooting Star! It was a perfect ending to our day!

A BIG, HUGE, thank-you to the following companies for sending out beautiful product so we could all COLORFUL at the 2012 Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival.
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  1. Awww...what an awesome adventure! So happy the class was a huge success and how awesome about the Shooting Star! Serenity to end the day!
    Jessica S


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