Thursday, July 5, 2012

Once Upon a Time….





   Once upon a time in a far away land, okay, not that far. Rather, in a land called, Lynden, Ontario… & then in a land called Leduc, Alberta, there lived a under-tall, but rather 'cute' girl….Hee,hee.. We will call her 'Sarah' for the sake of her 'privacy'.Hmm… Sarah's family consisted of a proper British Mum, a crazy & loving Ukrainian Dad, and younger TWIN brothers that got into everything…ALL THE TIME.

dad pic1

Now, Sarah loved her family dearly, especially her Dad because wherever they lived ….. MAGIC followed!le mason packaging2

 {Unity Stamp Company / Susan K. Weckesser Inc.Summer 2012}

It didn't didn't matter if the house was BIG or SMALL……. Sarah ALWAYS knew that the house was full of LOVE, LAUGHTER, FREINDSHIP…….. and the odd animal!!!


Yup, when it was stormy, Sarah's Dad would bring the animals inside to tuck her in!  How cool is that!!!butterfly 1

Her dad also taught her to ALWAYS         {


                                   in [MAGIC]!

To never stop DREAMING!

And so the story began……




Over the next few days you are going to see why I have been busy creating & why I couldn't wait to share with you all! Thank-you for coming and being part of this with me! xo

I like gifts…. so to celebrate I would like to give a little gift to someone. Leave a comment here letting me know if & what  you saw that was NEW on this post and why you believe in MAGIC. I will give away the complete mixed media kit package that I taught at Kitchener,Scrapfest, to someone. You have until midnight July 8, 2012 to leave a comment.

Live in Color Mixed Media Canvas

Kit includes:

2 papers from my 'Live in Color' paper collection


1 8" x 10" stretched canvas

  1 bottle Glimmer Glaze (Waterfall)

  1 bottle Glimmer Glam (Pink Lipstick)

  1 bottle Glimmer Mist (Gold)

  I yard of Maya Road small organza roses ribbon (ribbon color may vary)

 If you would like to buy one of these Live in Color mixed media kits you can visit my

 Susan K.  Weckesser  Inc. Boutique                                           ----> HERE <-----

Good Luck everyone!!!

Make SURE to come back OFTEN because there is a lot more going on this week-end with CHA sneak peeks and a great, BIG, AWESOME ANNOUNCENT…… plus, more prizes!!!




  1. Congratulations on your dream coming true Susan! I would love a chance to win your fabulous mixed media prize. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Congrats on making your dreams come true !! You Go Girl !! I love the new Washi Stamps , what a great idea. I believe magic is all aroud us, we must believe in miracles and the good in everyone and everything to see. Thank you for a chacne to win.

  3. Wow, it's great to see such a wonderful artist realize her dreams! Thanx for making us all believe in magic. It is all around us if we just take a moment to breath and listen and watch. Congrats Susan!

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  5. Very Cool Susan. I love the new house stamp and my daughter Marilee loves the butterfly. I believe in Magic too because I see it each and every day, in Marilee's eyes and her smile, in the sun rises or settings, in rainbows, in my son's laugh... it's everywhere! Congrats again on this exciting adventure!

  6. Love the new stamps!!! I so believe!! There is wonderful things that take place everyday. We need to look at the little things and don't try to seek big things that may not happen everyday.

  7. Even though there was a peek at Washi stamps, the papers are all new to me. This girl came from London, Ontario to Edmonton, Alberta almost six years ago. She would love to see more of your stuff, like in her mailbox. That would be magic. ;)

  8. Magic is all around us, like Marylou said... in my son's eyes, in the rainbows, the clouds, the birds etc... my parents also taught me that... and still do (helps that my Dad is a professional magician! :o) I love your stamps and your paper line... very unique! Thanks for the opportunity to party with you!

  9. Congratulatons on making your dreams come true. That alone is your magic which you share with the rest of us. I love your "Cluck Cluck Motel" pic. I grew up with all sorts of animals, but none allowed inside. I love your house stamp and it's new to me. Magic surrounds our lives in what we do and see and it's enhanced by the little ones in our lives who remind us not to forget the magic that is around us. Thanks for sharing with us

  10. Congratulations and best wishes on creating all your own magic! :)

  11. I'm new here Susan, and I'm bookmarking your blog so I can be sure to find my way back! Your house stamp is fabulous, and I love the Cluck-Cluck Motel! We have a coop also, with one rooster and 2 hens!

  12. The motel is soo cool, I love how it was named! The 'live in color' paper is very cute! I do believe in magic. Every day I watching and listening to my kids and I think its amazing how far they have come. It makes everyday magical to me (even when they are being pains in the bum)!

  13. what an awesome canvas!! and i love the new stamps!!!

  14. I'm new to you, so this is all new to me, and magical too! Gorgeous papers and I can't wait to see all the stamps!

  15. I love the new water color at the top of this post, Susan! It is always so refreshing to visit your blog.

    Yes, I do believe in magic! I love looking at and experiencing all the fun things our friends and family have in store!

  16. What did I see that was new? A name change!!!!

    Sarah, I'm so blessed to know you and Congratulations!!!!

    Love ya

  17. I believe in magic cause I see it everyday in my friends n family. Great colors here I love the watercolor look keep up the great work and Congrats !

  18. Uh Oh, I better get a bigger pocket book...I just learned you have a Boutique :O)


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