Saturday, July 28, 2012

Having Fun CREATING!!!

Believe CanvasThis week has been SUPER FUN!
Super, DUPER busy!!! But, SUPER fun!  With the Unity Stamp Co , Helmar  & Susan K. Weckesser Inc. cross promotion it has been SO fun to see all the SUPER AWESOME creative work that all the design teams have been doing. I have been teary eyed looking at all the WONDERFUL work!Cross promotion
I really haven't totally unpacked from Chicago and CHA, but I was still able to find some time to be "CREATIVE" for myself.
I like to
So for the canvas that I made I took a couple previous projects and combined them into a new look.20120726_117
I used some old blue jeans and vintage sewing patterns as my background which I stuck on with Helmar's Decoupage & Craft Paste.To add some color I used Martha Stewart's acrylic paint from Plaid as a wash.
Believe Canvas 3
I also glued some little shells & dried flowers on with some of Helmar's Craft glue. I used flowers from my garden, but if you don't have any, you can find them at a craft store like Michael's.
Believe Canvas 2
For the banner, I used my stamp kit, 'Celebration of Simple' . You can find it on the Unity Stamp Co. Site 
I used Clearsnap inks and stamps directly onto canvas and then just cut them out.
SW Celebration of Simple Packaging
20120726_129     Some fun with the picture shoot!20120726_137
Yes, we can be silly! That is part of the fun!
That is Jessica. My 'JessieBean'. She is our youngest daughter and this week I was lucky enough to have her help me out in the Studio. After she had helped my organize some supplies and files, she got out sat done and got crafty. I LOVE what she created!
Jessica's Layout
It is WONDERFUL! She took an older picture of her sister Ashley and created a CELEBRATION PAGE!!!! So Creative and beautiful!! She used my Live in Color paper , and a few of my co-branded Unity  stamps kits including these…
fly away packaging
a little bit of washi
Picture of Painted Sentiments
                      My paper line can be bought at WANT2SCRAP's online store.
Jessica's Layout 3
I love how Jessica paid attention to the details like cutting out the flowers an making them pop off the page by using foam adhesive and  and black ink on the stamps. COOL.
Jessica's Layout 2
Look how Jessica used the Fly Away cloud stamp on the Live in Color paper and then cut it out! Love all the layers!
*It is Super FUN to PLAY with COLOR!
unity_homepg_072512 (1)
It is so fun to take 15-20 minutes a day and just play with color and create something for yourself!
It is so GOOD for the SOUL!
I hope that you have a chance to see all the lovely work that is being created over on the HELMAR BLOG and the UNITY STAMP COMPANY BLOG!
Thank-you for all your support and kinds words! You  really are truly AMAZING!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!
p.s. remember to check out CRAFT WARS!


  1. You and your daughter are so creative! Both canvases are wonderful!

  2. Wow, what a fun and beautiful post. I absolutely love, love, love denim and your unique and creative canvas is amazing. Your daughter is UBER TALENTED....wonder where she gets that from. Amazing choice of papers and great dimension. So fun when family gets involved in creating together. It is a special bond and a great way to express oneself. Amazing job to you both!!! The celebration of your news stamps has been SOOOO VERY Enjoyable. Happy to be able to feast my eyes upon it all! Hope you have a spectacular week!
    Jessica S

  3. I love your canvas Susan. So many pretty things to look at! And your daughter's layout is pretty amazing too! All those little details really do add up to some amazing works-of-he(art)! <3

  4. WOW...very nice ! I just love that you made this with an old pocket from a pair of jeans . That is so great . I see your beautiful daughter inherited your creativity. Very well done , ladies !


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