Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Watercolor Valentine From Me to You…


I am feeling LOVE in the air so I got out my fantastic new watercolours from Kuretake and some Rhonna Designs and sat down to create a Valentines Cards for my hubbie. love is ...

This is the original painting that I painted using Kuretakes Metallic water colors. They are such  WONDERFUL paints. I hadn't used them before, and I do a lot of watercolor painting and I can honestly say that I FELL in love with the quality and they wonderful shimmer of the paint.

Watercolour System BrushH2O Medium

Watercolour System BrushH2O


Take a look at some of the pictures that I took of my painting. I loved shooting on a macro setting while taking pictures of it just to get the awesome glimmer & color!

Met Watercolo 2          met watercolor  met1           met wat 3

Then I took it a step further…

I scanned my watercolor into my computer. I them used my Adobe Photoshop CS5 program to alter & posturize my painting.

Love is 2


I then printed out a copy. I also printed out one of Rhonna Farrer's Wonderful digital postcard designs.







Kiss Me Word Art Kit

Kiss Me Word Art Kit


I them had fun combining cutting and gluing and making a fun whimsical Valentine's Card!




  1. AWESOME Susan!
    Aren't those water brushes GREAT - I LOVE all of mine also!!!

  2. That's beautiful Susan. Gorgeous painting and I love the shimmery look too. Happy Valentines. x

  3. I love those paints - now I need to figure out where I can get them locally. LOOOVE my Kuretake water brushes.


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