Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LOVE A FRIEND contest.{Christmas Love}


I hope that everyone had a truly MAGICAL Christmas this year! I sent my hubbie and our kiddos to go visit family in Calgary because I am just getting over this virus that I have had for the last month. It has been a little nice to have a little peace and quiet for the last few hours just to reflect on everything that has happened over the last few weeks. I really have been touched by all the kindness that you show each other!!! It is so awesome to read about each and everyday! 20111226_172 20111226_248  20111226_331      Over Christmas had fun doing lots of random deliveries to different people; …known & unknown.


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 My kiddos helped me do some baking and we used some of Rhonna Designs to decorate up some old canning jars for presentation. A lot of laughs, giggles and fun!!!                              


We are now in the LAST WEEK of the Christmas Love Campaign and I noticed so many people doing so many nice things so here is a cool contest that you can't miss. How many of us noticed friends or people that we know doing really nice things for other people this Christmas? All of us! Well, for this contest..


1. enter a name of a friend.

2. tell us what she/he was crafting or paper crafting for other people this holiday season to make them feel LOVED.

3. If that person's name is drawn they will win a wonderful gift box full of craft & scrapbooking supplies from all of the Christmas Love Campaign sponsors plus a Charity Wings Club TLC membership.image


As the person that entered your friends name..you will get a wonderful crafty gift too!

4. Go 'like' Charity Wings page on facebook and say hi to them from Susan! Spread some love to those guys...they do a lot of awesome things. You have to check it out!

5. upload your entries on the Christmas Love Campaign Facebook Page or if you don't have facebook you can email me at susiebeestudios@gmail.com.


It is not too late to spread the word about the Christmas Love Campaign and get your name entered to win a subscription from one of our sponsor magazines too! Check out the Christmas Love Campaign Facebook page.   cs_cover_winter11_mainpage  Nov11_Cover_200  untitled

Everyone need to feel some crafty love!Hugs,



  1. Oh, Susan, I sure hope that you feel better every day. You are too sweet to be sick.

    I am nominating my friend Danielle. Whether it is through her blog or sending something to someone, she shares her love for crafts and is a super friend!!

    Susan, I just retweeted your tweet to this contest to all of my followers. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Happy Holidays,


  2. You are so welcome, Susan! Hugs back to you!!


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