Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Begins…with a flurry of excitement!

Christmas bird card

What an extremely busy time of year: Christmas! Each year I think to my self how 'NEXT' is going to be different! Next year I am going to have all my presents bought by November, all my baking  & cards done by December, and I am going to spend countless hours stringing popcorn by a fire with my kiddos. However, when Christmas does get here every year…IT GETS SO CRAZY!!!! A {good} crazy…but non-the-less still crazy!

I was so happy to read Courtney Walsh's blog post the other day about dealing with Christmas. You can read it here . In this post she talks about Christmas and how we often want to do it all. Now, I don't know about you , but I can feel a little bit overwhelmed during this time of year especially when I am battling a flu that just won't go away plus all the other things that go along with being a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, or generally a human being!

Last week, when I read Courtney's post, and I really do admire that girl, the tears just filled up in my eyes when I read this this sentence-

"None of us can do it all."

It is funny, but in my fevered state of mind, it was as if I all  of a sudden realized that it was ok not to be perfect! Awesome!

So maybe we won't have 15 different types of cookies this year & cranberries & popcorn strung up outside for the birdies...It's OK! We we still have fun!

What was fun last week was seeing the neat stuff people were posting for the Christmas Love Campaign!


Take a look at what Kim Gowdy created!  She made all these fantastic cards for -



This is what she posted: Kim Gowdy

Here are some cards I have been working on, the are ready to mail out to:

Congratulations Kim!

You won a one year subscription to Creating Keepsakes plus a special issue from them. Please email me at

Thank-you every-one for you beautiful work!!!!! Keep on spreading the Christmas Love and invite your friends because there are lots of wonderful goodies to be won including a prize of another awesome magazine subscription and a wonderful prize Jillibean!

Have a super creative day!


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