Friday, September 9, 2011

Dreaming…….. About a Altered Book Page

Dream Apon the Little Stars (2)I love finding old books at second hand stores and  then repurposing the pages. I love to use the pages as canvases for new painting projects.Dream Apon the Little Stars 5

With this page, first I mod podged it onto a piece of watercolor paper. You just need a light coat of mod podge. I then brushed a this coat of White Lightening from J.W.etc. Premium Quality Products. image Now, normally White Lightning is a white stain and a sealer for wood, but I tend to use it on almost anything because I like the effect it creates.


Dream Apon the Little Stars 1 "See the lovely dream like effect of the White Lightning on the Matte  Mod Podge."





Dream Apon the Little Stars 2  I then built up around the edges of the old book page with a couple brush strokes of acrylic paint mixed with a pearl finish to add some glimmer.


I used acrylic paints to paint my clouds on the page. Then comes one of my favourite parts DOODLING! I got out my pens from Kuretake and started to add some more color!

Dream Apon the Little Stars 3

  I then used a black ZIG Memory Writer from from Kuretake and finished outlining, and writing my words.

(note: if you want to make your piece more durable you can spray a fixative on your piece.)

Dream Apon the Little Stars 4

A super quick way to make someone a gift and let then know how much you care!

I hope you find your wishing stars today.

Have a super day!



  1. This is really gorgeous! I need to get some Mod Podge in my life.
    Zoe @ Fordie Fresh

  2. Thank-you so much for your comments! :)


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