Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wishing on Falling Stars


Summer holidays are quickly coming to an end. Where, oh where did it disappear too! Yes, there were moments during the summer when I started to actually count the days until school started again… Oh, you know, when siblings start bickering over the silliest things, or kiddos keep asking you the same questions over and over again. But, those moments where were few and far between and we really did have  a fun time. 

One day I was working in my studio and my daughter, Ashley came in and presented me with a 'gift' that she had made me. It turns out that she felt bad that she had eaten all my Tic Tacs, so she punched all kinds of little gold wishing stars and filled the container for me.20110825_951 I was so touched by her little gift and even her silliness.  I keep it on my desk to remind me to always wish on falling stars! It is so important to keep your dreams alive no matter how old you get or what you are doing in life!20110825_952

Well, right now is what I describe as the calm before the storm. A good storm though. A fantastic creative one full of wonderful inspiration. In a few short days my journey is going to include a whole bunch of new and exciting things and I sure hope that you come along for the ride, because it is going to be AMAZING!!!!




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