Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A New Chapter Begins…..

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Life is ever changing. It never stays still. We grow older, (well some of us do lol) , we get new jobs, we face new problems that we learn to overcome with a smile, which sometime is REALLY hard, and get stronger by them.  We watch our children learn to crawl, go to playschool and ,Heaven help us, learn to drive and go on their first date! If life stayed static, we as human beings would grow depressed and not be happy. We are always needing to set goals to stretch our minds and our bodies. It is a GOOD and a POSITIVE thing to grow and to change in life!

After a fantastic year where I have met so many incredible people and done so many neat things that I have never done before in my life I now have the opportunity to design with a very amazing lady, Rhonna Farrer and her amazing new Design Team over at Rhonna Farrer Designs What a honor. 21543_252351996962_583511962_4245124_6513092_n

I truly love what her art, designs, and what she stands for…….too UPLIFT and INSPIRE!!!!

~Announcing The Rhonna Farrer Design Team:

~ Amy Tan

~Emily Hill

~Jamie Pate

~Kelly Lautenbach

~Jing Van Opstal

~Kirsty Wiseman

~Melissa Mortenson

~Nancy Wyatt

~Rosemary Watson

~Susan K.Weckesser





The Grand Opening is right away and there are going to be YUMMY give aways...……… STAY TUNED!!!



This fall is truly exciting. I am also over at Helmar this September as a GUEST DESIGNER so be sure to come on over and say hi!


So MANY announcements……...BUT, I had better leave some for tomorrows post even though I just want to keep on writing so I can tell you all my happy news!

I hope that you all take a little time for yourselves today and be a little creative! It will truly put a SMILE on your face!




  1. What an awesome post! I feel so honored to be on a DT with you and all the other amazing ladies! This rookie is proud to call you friend!! Hugs!!

  2. Congratulations! Change is good! :-)

  3. This is an inspiring post Susan - love the tagline. Congratulations and will surely be inspired by your creativity.


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