Thursday, April 21, 2011

One BIG mess……. & it's OK!!!!!

          biird nest side 5           I luv trees. flowers. , and all things natural on my artwork. So A couple of years ago when  I approach magazines with this artwork,  I got  quite few funny looks. They really didn't know what to think about my style of art , but, I loved it and that was all that mattered!  At that time it was new and the public just wasn't ready for it quite yet! So, I hung out at my house and started to watch how trends were changing fast! I am so glad that I have my faith, my family and so many great  friends everywhere around the world that help me to get me through such some crazy & interesting times!!!!!    Also I am glad that I kept strong to doing the type of art that I believe in, feel comfortable with, and make me smile!

Never ever change your style just to do it in order to fit it! DO it for yourself and , YOU WILL FEEL HAPPY AND SO WILL YOUR HEART & ART!     

                      SO gather a whole bunch of Spring stuff and randomly place it on canvas so it looks good to  yourself. It might not look the best to others…..but, WHO cares! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!

Have FUN!!!!


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  1. So very true, the nicest copy is no where near as special as something that is uniquely U

    Digging your music selection


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