Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Real Life Hero

I have a hero.

He doesn't wear a cape or fancy tights. He doesn't fly or leap tall buildings in a single jump. He can't even remember his kiddos birthdays too well on his own unless the calendar on his IPhone makes some ridiculous animal sound in order to remind him.However, he does a whole lot of amazing things. He is a fireman and he has been doing this for almost 25 years. This past weekend when Marcus had a couple long fire calls I posted this on Facebook:

"Marcus' phone just went off.

And he has just dropped everything, including his lunch & has run out the door.

You know, we have been a Fire Department/Emergency Services family for over 24 years and I don't think I will ever get 'used' to the feeling that I get when he zooms off to a fire. Yes, I miss my guy as he is gone & we wait & wait & wonder....But my heart always breaks for the people who are now facing such hardship and need help. A few years ago we went into a store in rural Alberta and an older farmer came up to Marcus with tears in his eyes. He grabbed Marcus' hand & thanked him for saving his life. I was speechless and so touched. Before that moment I really didn't know what Marcus 'did'. I knew....I just didn't 'know'. He told me about the trucks & the hoses & pumps, and I knew bits and pieces about calls. We had a pager in the house, so I knew. Trust me. Somethings I didn't want to know especially with my imagination. I also knew I had to look after my kiddos no matter what and there were a lot of disappointments when Marcus would get calls anytime:Christmas morning, birthdays, movies, etc. A lot of single momma moments. However, when this rough looking farmer said this to Marcus & Marcus just smiled, my heart melted. There was so much I wasn't seeing. And that is why when Marcus just drops everything, even food, & runs out the door when there is a fire call,I am SO grateful for him and what he does. I am grateful for all full-time, part-time , volunteer firemen/emergency services & all their amazing families that support them and go through the good & bad with them! "

I wrote that post because I was hoping to give people a little glimpse into our life and Marcus' character. Don't get me wrong, our life isn't perfect. We have our hard times, our arguements, especially with Marcus being German & me Ukrainian/British....well, we are both super, duper stubborn! Ha! Thank goodness for my art studio that I can escape too!! *grin* But, Marcus has done SO many good and wonderfully things for people over their years. He have loved every town that we have lived in and he has enjoyed every Fire Department that he has served with. And the department always cared for him. So have the people!

The last couple of weeks we made a choice. Twenty-four years ago we left Edmonton, the area where we both grew up around, as we headed out with our first baby, as new graduates from the University of Alberta. Marcus got a job up in Whitecourt and so we went. We are so super excited to be returning back to Edmonton after all these years because we have decided that it would be a wonderful opportunity if Marcus take a job as a Field Officer with the Office of the Fire Commissioner for the Government of Alberta. We truly are happy because next year all our kiddos will be up at the UofA. YES!!!! We are moving to Edmonton!

Now, I would like to say that the fire men in Medicine Hat have been truly wonderful. And you know I like to keep things positive but I feel that this needs to be written. Heaven only knows if that will even help. The last year we had a huge cloud hanging over our heads. When I got diagnosed with Cancer I noticed my husband becoming more and more stressed. If you know my Hubbie, you will know that not many things bug him. He handles stress well. Yes, he was worried about me...but this was different. A month and a half later I found out from Marcus that he was so stressed out because he didn't want his boss, the fire chief, here in Medicine Hat, to find out that I had Cancer. The way things were being run here Marcus was nervous that they would use my Cancer as a reason to fire him. I was shocked. No, I was ReALLY shocked! This was making him sick. My husband who has helped so many people throughout the years and has done so many countless acts of service without saying a word now worried about his job security because his wife had been diagnosed with Cancer! Good grief!!!

I wanted to go and put someone on a time out chair and ask them 'weren't they taught to love one another?' Or 'What would your mother think?'

The last year has been full of many tears and stress. Not just because we are going through this new journey or Cancer, but because we didn't know if Marcus had a job from day to day thanks to a Fire Chief that didn't see eye to eye with my husband. It has been quite the roller coaster. In the past I always liked visiting with the guys at the fire hall, so yes, it has been sad for us all. The year is behind us now...

We met so many wonderful people here in Medicine Hat and I am so grateful for that. And the firemen in general are super AWESOME! Wow, they can put together a pretty amazing calendar!! Have you seen it? I will miss the coulees and the chinooks. Plus, in this life you always have to be growing and changing. So, the Weckesser Family are off to bigger and better things and so many new adventures!!!

Edmonton.... Here we come!!!



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