Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

camerainvanmirror 2012

Here we are, the end of 2011 already. Wow..this year really did go quickly! It was a lovely year, but like any time in life you have your good times and bad times. I am just so grateful for all the friends that I have met from all over the world. 20111103_369Donna Downey & I at CHA

So many creative and interesting people that are so full of love! Thank-you for reaching out to me and sharing!20110725_144 It has been wonderful and I truly feel blessed to have been able to meet you all and learn from you! 20110725_172I love being able to write for magazines like Canadian Scrapbooker , and to be able to design for companies like Kuretake, Fave Crafts,  and Rhonna Farrer. Creating my own paper line has has been truly amazing also. PAper SampleNot to mention… all the wonderful companies and magazines that are helping me with the Christmas Love Campaign20110725_175 These people have made this year so special and I truly appreciate them.

20110325_696 (2)I am so grateful for my family.  They might be goofy and crazy, and a little weird…. but I love them! 20110725_43They sure keep me on my toes! My faith is something else that I need to help recharge my batteries and keep me going when things get tough! 20111103_244 I am so thankful for that! 

So, as 2011 come to an end… I can smile and be grateful for the year I had & I sure can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for me!!!

*for my edited picture I used some of Rhonna Farrer's , from Rhonna Designs, awesome New Year kits… which you can find HERE.It's Time Kits Bundle***with Free New Year's Printable***






           Live to Create ~ Create to Live         

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LOVE A FRIEND contest.{Christmas Love}


I hope that everyone had a truly MAGICAL Christmas this year! I sent my hubbie and our kiddos to go visit family in Calgary because I am just getting over this virus that I have had for the last month. It has been a little nice to have a little peace and quiet for the last few hours just to reflect on everything that has happened over the last few weeks. I really have been touched by all the kindness that you show each other!!! It is so awesome to read about each and everyday! 20111226_172 20111226_248  20111226_331      Over Christmas had fun doing lots of random deliveries to different people; …known & unknown.


20111226_364   20111226_373  20111226_110 


 My kiddos helped me do some baking and we used some of Rhonna Designs to decorate up some old canning jars for presentation. A lot of laughs, giggles and fun!!!                              


We are now in the LAST WEEK of the Christmas Love Campaign and I noticed so many people doing so many nice things so here is a cool contest that you can't miss. How many of us noticed friends or people that we know doing really nice things for other people this Christmas? All of us! Well, for this contest..


1. enter a name of a friend.

2. tell us what she/he was crafting or paper crafting for other people this holiday season to make them feel LOVED.

3. If that person's name is drawn they will win a wonderful gift box full of craft & scrapbooking supplies from all of the Christmas Love Campaign sponsors plus a Charity Wings Club TLC membership.image


As the person that entered your friends will get a wonderful crafty gift too!

4. Go 'like' Charity Wings page on facebook and say hi to them from Susan! Spread some love to those guys...they do a lot of awesome things. You have to check it out!

5. upload your entries on the Christmas Love Campaign Facebook Page or if you don't have facebook you can email me at


It is not too late to spread the word about the Christmas Love Campaign and get your name entered to win a subscription from one of our sponsor magazines too! Check out the Christmas Love Campaign Facebook page.   cs_cover_winter11_mainpage  Nov11_Cover_200  untitled

Everyone need to feel some crafty love!Hugs,


Friday, December 23, 2011

Enjoy the Journey….

Winter Wires1

Thank-you for being you!!! I know Christmas gets really hectic …so I just wanted to to say a quick thank-you for everything! Not to mention…I had to take a moment to sit down and just create something for myself. It helps me relax and it makes me happy! I LOVE Christmas but it really does get bust doesn't it so it really is important to take a little time for ourselves.

I enhanced my picture by using some of Rhonna Designs. Aren't they beautiful!?!


Punk Junque Kit


Washi Tape Kit

For the Washi Tape I changed the color by using the 'color balance' application in Adobe Photoshop.  Remember, take time to do something for yourself right now because your AWESOME!!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let Your Heart Soar


Creating ART can be so Liberating! It can make you feel so happy!!!!!



The winner for the

Random Contest 4

is Laurie Finch

By: Christmas Love Campaign

Laurie Finch Sent me some WONDERFUL PICTURES & told me about something really neat that see is doing! She organized an evening of card making with the results of our efforts being donated to a local senior's facility to be distributed to those residents who don't get a lot of visitors over the holidays. The local scrapbooking store generously offered a space and use of all her tools and supplies. 9 ladies participated and they crafted 70 cards!!
SO COOL!!!!! You Gals ROCK!!!!!! Thank-you for Spreading Christmas Love!

Laurie has won a wonderful box full of goodies from these awesome sponsors: 

     Print  OA Blinkie Fox 

       BD_LGO_210.298172030     188064_103252399709382_6478202_n

Guess What?

CHA 2012 is Coming! Not everyone can physically be there but now you can still be part of the fun and excitement!


Here’s your chance to see WHAT’S HOT in 2012,
new product releases and complete a progressive 6x6 mini book/art journal with amazing manufacturers and designers.


Exclusive 2-Day All Access Pass $39.00 (non-refundable) + Shipping*

Early Bird Price $34.00 (non-refundable) + Shipping*

* Online Event * Streaming Live * Watch from any internet connection*

January 29-30th, 2012 10am - 6pm PST
live streaming and chat
or watch the recorded footage whenever you like!

To register for this event, go to Charity .


Random Contest 5

Another prize give away is happening this week!!!! Craft a homemade gift for someone and show them some CHRISTMAS LOVE and you might end up with  so wonderful goodie from none other then Nikki Sivils!!!


Thank-you for all you do!!!! You really are all an inspiration to me!

Remember….YOU ROCK!!!

~ Susan

Friday, December 9, 2011

Share the Love Contest!


Something about looking at pictures from Christmas' past just just the tears of happiness brimming in my eyes. It has only been a couple of years since my kiddos were this age…..but It still strikes my heart strings a way certain way. This week when I found these old pictures I had to make little ornaments out of them right away!frame

Are You Spreading Some Christmas Love?

We are hitting the neighbour this week-end with some homemade goodies, some paper crafted cards and our singing voices to spread some LOVE!!!!  I can't wait!


I sent out a lot more prizes this week to people spreading Christmas Love!!!! So Fun!!!!

You can win so more AWESOME Prizes!!!!!!!! I LOVE it! Win with you more contests going on this week with the Christmas Love Campaign.


Share the Love Contest! -

Each time you invite a friend to spread some Christmas Love or tell them about the Christmas Love Campaign - your name will be entered into the Share the Love Contest draw on January 4, 2012. Post on the wall to tell me you've shared & you will be entered! The winners will receive a one year subscription to one of the AMAZING Magazines that are sponsoring the Christmas Love Campaign! Be sure to go say hi to the sponsoring magazines too and give them some Christmas Love!

cs_cover_winter11_mainpage    Nov11_Cover_200     untitled


Random Contest 4

Can you get your family or friends involved? How creative can you be in order to make someone smile this week?

Upload a picture of what you did and I might send you wonderful box full of goodies!

Some lovelies from:

Jillibean Soup,Unity Stamps,October Afternoon,Martha Stewart Crafts

         Print      188064_103252399709382_6478202_n

       OA Blinkie Fox        BD_LGO_210.298172030

Thank-you so much for to everyone for joining in and crafting up so love!


Take a look at this wonderful creation that was uploaded on the Christmas Love Campaign Facebook Wall. It was created by Keely Livings Yowler and she said,

"I created this altered book doll for Mother to celebrate her love of dolls, book, and all things crafty :)"
Here's another creation…


"My handmade ornaments to decorate my town with...oh how surprised they all will! Thanks for the awesome idea...might have to be an annual event! " Tasha Hart

Everyone's work has been gorgeous! You have to go take a peek!

Have a crafty week-end everyone!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Begins…with a flurry of excitement!

Christmas bird card

What an extremely busy time of year: Christmas! Each year I think to my self how 'NEXT' is going to be different! Next year I am going to have all my presents bought by November, all my baking  & cards done by December, and I am going to spend countless hours stringing popcorn by a fire with my kiddos. However, when Christmas does get here every year…IT GETS SO CRAZY!!!! A {good} crazy…but non-the-less still crazy!

I was so happy to read Courtney Walsh's blog post the other day about dealing with Christmas. You can read it here . In this post she talks about Christmas and how we often want to do it all. Now, I don't know about you , but I can feel a little bit overwhelmed during this time of year especially when I am battling a flu that just won't go away plus all the other things that go along with being a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, or generally a human being!

Last week, when I read Courtney's post, and I really do admire that girl, the tears just filled up in my eyes when I read this this sentence-

"None of us can do it all."

It is funny, but in my fevered state of mind, it was as if I all  of a sudden realized that it was ok not to be perfect! Awesome!

So maybe we won't have 15 different types of cookies this year & cranberries & popcorn strung up outside for the birdies...It's OK! We we still have fun!

What was fun last week was seeing the neat stuff people were posting for the Christmas Love Campaign!


Take a look at what Kim Gowdy created!  She made all these fantastic cards for -



This is what she posted: Kim Gowdy

Here are some cards I have been working on, the are ready to mail out to:

Congratulations Kim!

You won a one year subscription to Creating Keepsakes plus a special issue from them. Please email me at

Thank-you every-one for you beautiful work!!!!! Keep on spreading the Christmas Love and invite your friends because there are lots of wonderful goodies to be won including a prize of another awesome magazine subscription and a wonderful prize Jillibean!

Have a super creative day!