Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun & Scrapbooking

I am sitting here today trying to work on deadlines and writing assignments. I must be honest with you,  when the weather is so lovely outside I really find it difficult to finish my tasks. So, I turned my thoughts to layouts that I had done in the past during the past. It has been a few years since I have done the above one but the reason why I scrapbook remains the same. To be creative, have fun, and share some wonderful stories & pictures. Scrapbooking and art can't be forced. You have to feel the creativeness, do the work, and enjoy it! With this I think of this quote by William Rose Benet (1886- 1950),

                "I like to think how Shakespeare pruned his rose,
                       And ate his pippin in his orchard close."

Take time this summer to do some scrapbooking, but make sure to love what you are doing and enjoy your summer!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alter Floral Baby Shoes


It is fun to alter just about anything, but I really have fun playing with articles of babies clothing because they are so tiny. The textures of material are quite easy to adhere whatever you feel like adding to your project. With these baby shoes I had fun using an assortment of flowers from Prima marketing Inc.

DSCN7581I started by sewing on metallic beads to the heal of the shoe. 


  Next I used a glue gun to glue the ribbon around the edge of the shoe. At the ends of the ribbon I formed a loop to give the ribbon a pretty finish.

* Depending on what material you are using, you can use glue dots or a glue gun. DSCN7611

I then used thin gauged wire to wire  metal beads, jade beads, and flowers so the I could easily place and attach them to the shoes.DSCN7568  To fill in spots, I used smaller flowers and stuck them on with glues dots. I then added a tag and a little bit  of gauze for presentation.

These are so fun to make for a baby shower table center piece or  a present. So take a look around your house today and see what you can alter!

                   Keep on Scrappin’


Monday, July 12, 2010

Watercolours & Scrapbooking!

[Watercolor flower bookmark-beginner]

[pattern for the bookmark]

Lately my 18 year old has been thinking about the good 'ol days when in playschool all he thinks he had to do was have fun painting & coloring. I have been telling him that you are never to old too paint & color!

Here is a fun project for you to have an excuse to get out your paints!

                Fall Scrapbooking Tag
 supplies:- water colour pencils ( or water colors are fine!)
                  -terracotta , pine, marigold
               -tan bristol board
               -3 yellow brads
               -black pigment liner
               -black & gold ribbon
               -butterfly clear embellishment
Scan pattern onto bristol board and then cut it out. Now you are ready to paint. Start with your lightest color - yellow, and start with the petals. If you have the water color pencils you may trace around the petals and then with a paintbrush work the paint into the centre. This will make a 3-D effect. The same can be done with normal watercolors. Next do the same with the terracotta color for the flower centres. Now move on to the pine green for the stems and the leaves always remembering to keep darker on the sides and to gradually get lighter towards the middle. Wherever an object is lower, like a edge of a leaf, it is farther from the light and therefor it will appear darker. Neat! Next,use the pigment liner and outline the flower and the tag! Now you can put in you brads and the ribbon! Great job! I hope you had fun and I would love to see people's interpretations of this. Make such to email me!

        I still have a couple copies of the Canadian Scrapbooker new fantastic Summer edition to give away! So email if you would like a copy!

                                       Keep on Scrappin'