Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The First Give Away!!!


      We had so much fun this past week-end as we found found our outside Christmas lights and bundled up to go outside to put them up. It took a little convincing, but once I got every one outside we had a lot of fun! So much fun that we almost forgot that it was cold out. It took a while afterwards to warm up toes and fingers, but that was alright because it was a good excuse to have mugs of hot chocolate! Just seeing those Christmas lights sparkling outside has really put me in a 'Christmas' mood! I love it! I had fun painting up these little nut crackers; these guys are only about three inches tall.

I have been getting some amazing prizes donated for the Christmas Love Campaign and I really am excited about it! Even my children have started to get really excited about this contest and they enjoy telling there teachers and friends all about it! I really want to start spreading the CHRISTMAS LOVE, so  LET'S GET THIS PARTY
STARTED! Leave a comment on my blog by Wednesday,December 1, 2010
briefing saying how you have or plan on SPREADING THE CHRISTMAS LOVE, or post your
comment & or picture here on our face book page. Someone will end up with an awesome prize from 7Gypies!

I can't wait to see what everyone is doing To Spread the CHRISTMAS LOVE this year! REMEMBER… you can enter more then one time and remember to grab a blinkie and put it on your site or your blog. Let's have some fun and make sure to tell your friends to join in!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Leftover Scrapbooking Paper -> Ornaments!


Paper Strip Ornament

We all have lots of scrap scrapbooking paper around, so instead of tossing in out you can make some really fun for you tree or to give as gifts. They really are super fun and easy to do. So round up your kiddos and make up a batch!

We have been getting so many wonderful prizes for The Christmas Love Campaign. I can just will the excitement building for this, but I need to hear what YOU are making or doing to reach out to spread some love. I really am anxious to start give away these prizes! SO LET"S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! Leave a comment on my blog by Wednesday,December 1, 2010 briefing saying how you plan on SPREADIN THE CHRISTMAS LOVE, or post you comment on the Susiebee Studios Inc. Christmas Love Campaign Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Susiebee-Studios-Inc-Christmas-Love-Campaign/123578867702220 . Someone will end up with a awesome prize from 7gypies!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mixed Media Canvas

sunny day painting

I got out some glazes, papers, papers, and inks and then I had some fun playing. 

          Sunny Day 3


        sunny day 1

Sunny day 6

I love using Glimmer Glam to create whimsical drips of color. It also made a nice magical sheen on my work.Sunny Day5   Sunny Days 12

I also Mod Podge some canvas pieces onto my work with nice accents of color. I did not want to be rigid with this piece, so the only formal parts of the work are the bits of the pattern that I used.

Sunny day 17  Sunny Day 15

Sunny Day 2

sunny day 7  Here's a  flower create from an old pattern covered with mod podge, and enhanced with Delta Ceramcoat  acrylic paints. I then outlined the flower with Glimmer Glam & Glimmer Glaze from Tattered Angels.Sunny Day 14 (2)  To give a slight pattern to the canvas I used a Tatter Angel stencil and Glimmer Mist ChalkBoard. This also gave a aged look to the canvas at the same time giving a neat faint pattern.

Sunny Days 8

       Sunny Days 10   

Sunny Days 11  To give my work a cool aged look I brushed on a layer of Distress crackle paint from Ranger, when I was done.


I mixed Mod Podge with Glimmer Glam from Tatter Angel and got some neat textural effects.

{If you mix these 2 mediums together you get a nice effect when working on plastics.}

Sunny Days 13

*My Piece of Sunshine!!!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Making Christmas Bags as a Family



christmas bag close up

'Just put out a whole bunch of craft supplies and let your children have fun create gift bags for your family to pixie!'christmas bags

We have a tradition in are family that for each holiday during the year our family 'pixies' other families.

pixie~ to bake goodies for another family, package them, go to their house & put them on the door step, ring the doorbell & run away with out them knowing who did it!

We have a great time doing this tradition! Part of the whole plan is getting ready for it. First we bake goodies. Usually something simply that everyone can help with like chocolate chip cookies or rice krispie squares. Next we get our bags ready. The kiddos have always loved crafting, so what better way to use up odds and ends. I let them make up the bags any way they want to. It may not be the way that I would have done them, but they are having fun and they look really cute in the end, plus we are spending time together as a family!

If you haven't tried it, give it a try this year! It is so fun!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello November…



It seems like just yesterday that I was buying back to school supplies & clothes for my kiddos and now here I am packing up Halloween decorations as I work on my Christmas baking, craft & shopping list. I really am excited about Christmas this year. I know, I can’t believe it either!  What is even harder to believe is that we don’t have any snow here in southern Alberta yet, so I am taken advantage of that. I am creating fall crafts while I can! I know that the United States has their Thanksgiving coming up and even though I am not American I have decided to celebrate it. I have family living done there and I have so many good friends in the States … so why not I say. I love Thanksgiving! So to start, I created this fall layout using some of my favourite products from Fancy Pants.

This is going to be a great month…and ‘fingers crossed’, the snow doesn’t fly too soon!

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