Saturday, July 28, 2012

Having Fun CREATING!!!

Believe CanvasThis week has been SUPER FUN!
Super, DUPER busy!!! But, SUPER fun!  With the Unity Stamp Co , Helmar  & Susan K. Weckesser Inc. cross promotion it has been SO fun to see all the SUPER AWESOME creative work that all the design teams have been doing. I have been teary eyed looking at all the WONDERFUL work!Cross promotion
I really haven't totally unpacked from Chicago and CHA, but I was still able to find some time to be "CREATIVE" for myself.
I like to
So for the canvas that I made I took a couple previous projects and combined them into a new look.20120726_117
I used some old blue jeans and vintage sewing patterns as my background which I stuck on with Helmar's Decoupage & Craft Paste.To add some color I used Martha Stewart's acrylic paint from Plaid as a wash.
Believe Canvas 3
I also glued some little shells & dried flowers on with some of Helmar's Craft glue. I used flowers from my garden, but if you don't have any, you can find them at a craft store like Michael's.
Believe Canvas 2
For the banner, I used my stamp kit, 'Celebration of Simple' . You can find it on the Unity Stamp Co. Site 
I used Clearsnap inks and stamps directly onto canvas and then just cut them out.
SW Celebration of Simple Packaging
20120726_129     Some fun with the picture shoot!20120726_137
Yes, we can be silly! That is part of the fun!
That is Jessica. My 'JessieBean'. She is our youngest daughter and this week I was lucky enough to have her help me out in the Studio. After she had helped my organize some supplies and files, she got out sat done and got crafty. I LOVE what she created!
Jessica's Layout
It is WONDERFUL! She took an older picture of her sister Ashley and created a CELEBRATION PAGE!!!! So Creative and beautiful!! She used my Live in Color paper , and a few of my co-branded Unity  stamps kits including these…
fly away packaging
a little bit of washi
Picture of Painted Sentiments
                      My paper line can be bought at WANT2SCRAP's online store.
Jessica's Layout 3
I love how Jessica paid attention to the details like cutting out the flowers an making them pop off the page by using foam adhesive and  and black ink on the stamps. COOL.
Jessica's Layout 2
Look how Jessica used the Fly Away cloud stamp on the Live in Color paper and then cut it out! Love all the layers!
*It is Super FUN to PLAY with COLOR!
unity_homepg_072512 (1)
It is so fun to take 15-20 minutes a day and just play with color and create something for yourself!
It is so GOOD for the SOUL!
I hope that you have a chance to see all the lovely work that is being created over on the HELMAR BLOG and the UNITY STAMP COMPANY BLOG!
Thank-you for all your support and kinds words! You  really are truly AMAZING!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!
p.s. remember to check out CRAFT WARS!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blog Hop Gift!

unity_homepg_072512 (1)

How Cool is this! During the Cross promotion with

Helmar ~Unity Stamp Company ~ Susan K.Weckesser Inc.

Unity Stamp Co ,is having an INTRODUCTION SALE on all of my new  Susan K. Weckesser Inc.  stamps!!!!!

sw (1)

*SHIPPING at UNITY is only $2.95 on orders $10 and under and $6.95 on orders over $10 - USA & CANADA!

You can find this AWESOME sale _HERE!_

party cupcake

A little bit of Helmar + A little bit Unity + A little of Susan K. Weckesser Inc = LOVE!

Cross promotion

Hello There! I hope that you are doing SUPER, AWESOME!!!!!

Well, I am back from CHA…barely, and I have a really big mess in my studio, but I am SO excited about all the news! I am especially excited about all the {CREATIVITY} that is going on!

Cross Promotion HOP

Right now from July 25 to August 4 Helmar, Unity Stamp Co and myself, Susan K. Weckesser Inc. will be having a cross promotion going on amongst our blogs and designers so you can see what neat and creative things that we are doing with each other products! I am SUPER excited about this.

Today, right away be sure to check out the wonderful blog posts that went up on the Helmar blog and over on Unity Stamp Co blog…….they are AMAZING!!!!!

It is so exciting to see my paper line & stamps being used in such creative ways and if you ever have pictures feel free to contact me if you would like!


Here is a doodle I did in my journal with one of my house stamps on the airplane!

I hope you enjoy the next couple of days and all the {CREATIVITY}!

Everyday all the blogs will have something NEW & AMAZING to INSPIRE you!!!!


Have a wonderful day and remember….you are wonderful!!!!



Cross-Promotion Fun:



Susan K Weckesser FINAL LOGO Inc

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Industrial Chic Blog Hop & CHIC BIRD HOUSES!

Grow a Little Bird House (2)

hello, and welcome to the :

I got a wonderful box of goodies so I had fun creating with them and a whole lot of extra color too.
I love bird houses so I decided to create a whimsical one!20120704_21
20120704_16      I used crackle effect on the paint to get an aged look.20120704_14
This look tied in nicely with the elements that Susan Lenart Kazmer had sent me to play with. I love it!20120704_24
We are  blog hopping so please check out the other artists! There is one per day! and Don't forget to visit the Industrial Chic Blog for lots of updates and ideas!
July 6              Ken Oliver 
July 7              Vicki O'Dell
July 8              Cindy Cima Edwards
July 9              Elena Lai Etcheverry
July 10          Jen Osborn
July 11           Wanda Eash
July 12           Terri O
July 13          Susan Weckesser (me)
July 14           Tracy Weinzapfel 

Summer CHA 2012 Sneak Peeks


Who doesn't love to discover and find new things!? In this world we are constantly finding beautiful bits of nature and color around us and as artists, crafters, and scrapbookers we love to try to duplicate the things we see.


I have had so much fun creating products that mirror the way I see the world around me, plus make it super fun to make colorful and whimsical works of art. I hope you enjoy my new releases as much as I do… because each one tends to make me smile and I wanted to make you smile too!



New Co-Branded Unity Stamp Company / Susan K. Weckesser Stamps



I am SO excited about these stamps because most of them are HUGE!!!! So wonderful for big cards, wonderful layouts, and of course MIXED MEDIA & CANVASES!

 A New Stencil designed by Susan K. Weckesser and made by

TCW logo 250px hi res

Susan K. Weckesser Stencil 1

My paper designs with … 20120709_11


W2SSusanStaticPaper 1

I am SO excited to have this wonderful company carrying my designs! Not to mention that there product matches my paper perfectly!

You can also look for my online workshops this summer at: logo


If you happen to be at CHA … I hope I see ya! I will part of Crafty Couture,teaching at the Helmar booth,  and a few other awesome events!


Live from CHA 2012

Thank-you SO much for all you wonderful comments and support! It really, REALLY means the world to me!!! I LOVE IT! I really enjoy seeing what people create to. So always feel free to contact me to share your creations! You are AWESOME!!!



nest with bird