Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Summer Stamp Release

am SO excited about this! 
This is like a giant rainbow in my day! 

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If you know me you know that I LOVE my garden. Well, besides getting creative in my studio.
I find being in my garden SO incredible relaxing and healing! I love sitting among all the plants with all their different colours and textures and just taking in all the beauty around me! It is so fun to plant a seed, bulb, or plant and watch it grow and see what it becomes. And watching all the little creatures that come and visit my garden. Well, that is just SO AWESOME!!!
So, I am really excited about this NEW little darling stamp set that I have co-branded with
Unity Stamp Company called , "in my garden".  It is filled right full of some of my sketches and drawings of plants that I have created while I have been sitting in my garden. 
I really get so much strength from sitting among my flowers and the birds in the backyard. This year has been a real challenge for me. This really has been one of my hardest summers as I continue on this journey as a person fighting Cancer, but I feel blessed to be able to have birds and flowers that are full of life around me. It gives me such positive energy to just sit out there and think. That is why I am SO excited to be able to share this stamp set with you! I hope that it can make you smile to! 
had fun making a journal page with a couple of the stamps from the stamps. 
Do you see what I wrote? Do you see all the things that I like to do in my garden?
Oh, the strength I have found amongst the flowers, and the weeds, the birds and the awesome bees!!!
Yes, I really DO like the weeds too!!! *grin*

I am on Instagram. Let me know what you do in your garden? Use hashtag #inmygarden. 

You can find this new kit at Unity Stamp Company. They a lot of new awesome releases tonight. Go check it out!