Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Spirit Altered Canvas

I have always been amazed when going on a hike in the woods when I have come across an abandoned birds nest, because at first glance it might seem like the nest is just a pile of sticks & leaves that have just been thrown together haphazardly. However, if you look closely, a birds nest is so beautiful! It is carefully woven together with grasses, twigs, hairs, fibers, and many other little treasures. Nature is so beautiful and it is so wonderful to use it as an example when trying to create. On my canvas, I created a representation of a bird's nest and what I felt I would put in a nest if I had one. Give it a try! Use nature as your guide & try to create something completely free spirited today! Don't be afraid of colors, style, technique, or the final result. Just have fun. BE CREATIVE!

P.S. Hey, Have you heard the news?!?
The Summer issue of the Canadian Scrapbooker looks FANTASTIC and it is going to be available in stores near you on June 1st. There are so many neat articles in it including the story of how the Canadian Scrapbooker all started and an article about 'Scrapbooking With Your Family on Vacation by me. So many other super cool articles and truly talented artwork by so many people! You HAVE to check it out! It is a great one for your summer reading list for sure!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Try something different today!

The temperature is rising and the flowers are blooming. The lawn mowers are roaring and cameras are clicking as we get the perfect scrapbook pictures. All these events are giving me summertime fever. Oh boy, I can't wait!  In the meantime I stay busy scrapbooking- scrapbooking, planting, and being a soccer mom!

*P.S.   If you are a traditional scrapbooker, during this month why don't you try something different. Try adding some computer magic to your layout. Can you see the computer touch in the Summer Blues layout?


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun with Mod Podge

ducks in a row1

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I have to admit, get me near to a container of Mod Podge and I’m like a kid making mud pies! I LUV IT and I can’t get enough! However, my problem is that I am often wearing it once my project is down. It get so involved with my work that I get it everywhere! I luv using any scraps of paper that I have hanging around the house and turning them into pieces of art. It really is amazing what you can doing with this water based sealer that is a glue and a finish.                                                                                         Check out    for more neat ways to use this product and then do something crafty today!

                    Keep on Scrappin’


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Altered Garden Tools


Altered Garden tools y



I can’t wait to get into the garden, however there is a slight problem, we still keep on getting snow flurries. So I did the next best thing and grabbed some flowers from Prima Marketing Inc, some ribbon and paint and then I altered these garden tools. I had a blast! Now when the sun comes out I will be ready to dive into my gardening!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful National Scrapbooking day! Thank-you to everyone that left a comment on the blog for our give away. It was so neat to see everyone’s different reasons for why they started to scrapbook .  A name was drawn for the giveaway: congratulations to Jennifer Hansen! Please contact me so I can send your prize out to ya!

Have a great day!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

{inter} national scrapbook day giveaway




Everyone has their reason that they started scrapbooking. Some started because a friend invited them to a crop party and they loved the companion & fun. Other people  adore the beautiful papers and gizmos that the manufacturing companies are always surprising them with. Many people have been shutterbugs since they received their first camera and  they were just knee high to a grasshopper. They can take a thousand pictures in a week! (You should see me once I get going!)  Sometimes people start scrapbooking for a cause, such as ‘Crop for Kids’ or Crop for a Cure’. Once they see scrapbookers working together… they are hooked for life!

I started scrapbooking, a few years ago now, to save my life. I wasn’t physically dying, but emotionally & mentally I had hit rock bottom. I was a SAHM with four little children under the age of five and a half, I had my University degree in Arts/ language, and after my last child I got post-partum depression. How could this happen to me? I wrote books & articles.  I was an artist and I taught art classes on painting. I was a designer. I thought I had everything under control. I guess I didn’t. After feeling lost for a couples of months…. okay, half a year, I read a magazine on scrapbooking. A thought hit me….. maybe this could help me. I focused all my energy on the positive, and the beauty around me. By doing what I did best… being creative! It took hard work, but scrapbooking helped me greatly during that hard time in my life! I LUV how scrapbooking touches so many peoples lives and hearts!

So….. TO help CELERBRATE ‘{inter} national scrapbook’ day we our going to have a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Just POST why you started scrapbooking. WHATEVER the reason and you could win a prize package with some of my favourite things!