Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!


What a busy year! In fact it was so busy that time just seemed to race by! I want to thank everyone for there wonderful words of encouragement and for their friendship! It really has meant a lot to me! Sometimes we are thrown some difficult challenges in our lifes and it really is nice to have friendly word to lift you up …so thank-you! Thank-you also for being a part of the Christmas Love Campaign! It is NOT over yet! There still is the final give away. The deadline has been extended to Sunday, January 2, 2011. If you don't have Facebook please leave your comment here on the blog with a link to your pictures, blog or work! There still is an awesome prize package to give away that has products in it from all of our sponsors including a 1 year subscription to Canadian Scrapbooker!

Plus, I have some major changes going on around here with some exciting news, so you will see some changes going on  here during the next few weeks! Really exciting stuff, but I can't tell ya quite yet!

Well, I hope that all of you and your families have a fantastic New Year! May you all be happy, healthy and super creative! I look forward to a very creative 2011!

Keep on Scrappin'


Monday, December 27, 2010

Paint a Snowman

wooden snowman

A super fun idea that I found several years ago to make, is this wooden snowman. I don't know about you, but I love snowmen. There is something about them that they just make me smile! This guy is so super easy to make. Your whole family can help to make a batch to give away as a winter treat to friends, family and neighbours.


~ 1 by 1 wood post

~ white, rose, black, & orange acrylic paint

~ buttons

~baby sock

~ heavy gauge wire

~1" by 3" piece of fabric

~ glue gun


~small wood dowel

Cut wood to 5" length and paint white.  Drill a nose hole and two small arm holes. Sand small dowel at one end to resemble a carrot and then paint orange. Paint on eyes and mouth. You can also lightly dab on the cheeks. When dry, glue on buttons and glue in nose. Cut two three" lengths of wire. Wrap around a pencil to get a nice curl in the wire. Then glue each wire into the arm holes. Take baby sock and cut off the foot section. Then take the fabric and tie at the half way point of the sock. This is the snowman's hat. Glue the hat onto the snowman. Add any embellishments that you like.

   Well, Christmas is over, but the Christmas Love Campaign is NOT over! Remember we have another giveaway going on. You have a chance to win some awesome product from Jenni Bowlin! Just leave a comment here or on the face book page letting us know how your spreading some Christmas Love!

***Remember, just because Christmas has ended, it doesn't mean that the LOVE has to end!

Have a super fantastic day!

      ~ Susan

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Adding a little bit of spring to your Christmas decorations.

butterfly mittens











Why not mix two beautiful seasons together -WINTER and SPRING when your are creating Christmas decorations this year. It is appealing to the eye to add light and airy cotton flowers to a pair of heavy mitts. {Opposites really do attract!} After taking a small 3 inch pair of wool mittens that where whip stitched together, I used glue dots to attach flowers, buttons, and a pearl spray, I also used a cute whimsical butterfly from JENNI BOWLIN to top it all off.  Now I have a cute little decoration to add to cookies plates that I hand out on Christmas Day!


*'Next give away is here for the Susiebee Studios CHRISTMAS LOVE CAMPIGN!  Leave a comment on the blog or on our face book page with a link to how you have spread some Christmas Love and you could win a fantastic gift pack from Jenni Bowlin!'' You have until December 27, 2010 to leave a comment. Remember all it takes is a smile, a kind word, a plate of home made cookies, or a home made card to change some ones day!

Thank-you for everything you do everyday….you truly are special! Don't forget it!

Have a wonderful Christmas!



Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas Ornament Mystery…

october Afternoon ornaments

Had a little fun fun making some cute little ornaments with October Afternoon's cute Christmas scrapbooking paper. I used some star chip board shapes and then fancied it up with some awesome ribbon from Maya Road. I thought it would be cool to randomly 'surprise someone by decorating their cedar with these cute decorations. {smile} I sure hope that they liked stars! To make them water proof, I sprayed them with a couple coats of outside acrylic sealer.  They were easy to make and so fun to deliver! I thought that it would be a great way to spread a little 'love'.

Next giveaway is this week….. PLEASE…..send those comments & pictures in! Christmas can really be hard on some people sometimes….so let's share a smile, a homemade card, or even a kind word! Thank-you for everything that you do. The things I have read and heard are so cool!


  ~ Susan

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mini Christmas Birdhouse


Cosmo Cricket bird house

Cosmo Cricket bird house 1Cosmo Cricket bird house 2Cosmo Cricket bird house 3

[Use little pieces of your paper to create tags, patches and focal points.]

Cosmo Cricket bird house 4

How fun is it at Christmas to make things that are small and glittery! LOTS of fun! I love it!

I found some miniature bird houses and wooden blocks at the local craft store. The blocks measure 2 inches cubes….nice and tiny. I then used some great whimsical paper from Cosmo Cricket and used Mod Podge to put it on. So quick and easy! Once it was dry I took  light sand paper to rough up my edges to give a nice aged look. Oh…and you can't forget about the GLITTER!!! What Christmas bird house is complete without glitter and a few pearl & rhinestone embellishments!

Now I just need a little bird!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stitching Embellishments


Remember when...cover

mitten close up

mitten close up 1

Try something different when you are making embellishments for your scrapbooking layouts, cards, mini albums or other craft projects. Why not try using embroidery stitching to fancy up embellishments. Stitches are really easy to do and will add some whimsy to you project. For my little mittens I used the 'lazy daisy' stitch. Figure 1


If you don't know or remember stitches, there are my web sites that show instructions how to do these stitches, like Mary Corbet's Needle & Thread . Give it a try…you might like it!

We have another give away today! We want to hear how you are spreading some Christmas Love so please leave a comment or visit our face book page and show us what you have been doing! The prize package includes some of October Afternoon's beautiful Christmas paper!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trimming a Card

snow day card

Ribbons are so practical and fantastic! You can get them in so many wonderful designs, colors and textures. I love this velvet and pompom trim from Chatter Box. If you are stuck for time this Christmas, but you still want to make some cards, a quick way to make some cute cards is to embellish the card with a few strips of ribbon! Viola! Instant card. I took a coordinating pencil crayon and lightly edged around the card.

*Remember,you don't need any extra stress at Christmas, so simple but beautiful cards sure will help!

Susiebee Studios presents...CHRISTMAS LOVE CAMPIAGN

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adding a Bit of GREEN


Christmas Bulbs 5

paper white bulbsChristmas Bulbs Christmas Bulbs 1Christmas bulbs 2

Every Christmas I love to add a little bit of greenery in our home. Not only do I LOVE the color GREEN, but by the end of December the leaves have been off the trees outside for a couple of months and I miss gardening! So I take advantage of all the Christmas bulbs that appear in the stores at this time of year. They are so easy to plant. Even children can get involved in the excited  of watching a little plant grow inside your house. What is even better is when the plant is finished blooming, don't throw it out. Just let it dry and then you can plant it out side in the spring time. Most of the time it will survive for you.

Well, I know that everyone is busy with all the Christmas activities going on but I don't want you to forget about our Christmas Love Campaign. The winners from the first giveaway where announced on our Face Book page so, please go check it out! I have been so touched by all the fantastic stories coming in! Thank-you! Let's keep on going!


We have another draw on Thursday, December 9, 2010 for a great prize package including product from OCTOBER AFTERNOON! Don't miss out! Leave a comment a our blog or Face Book page about how your spreading the LOVE!!!

REMEMBER: you can enter more then once and tell everyone!!!!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Got all teary eyed….


At Christmas time I love receiving Christmas cards. It is so exciting to open a card and see who it from, read the news, and look at pictures to see how people have changed. I also love making and giving Christmas cards. As my children have grown it has become a tradition. We take a evening, or two where we sit down and work on a few cards to give to friends and neighbours. The cards usually aren't perfect, but they are full of personality and heart, not to mention that we had a lot of fun making together.

Well, we had our first Christmas Love give away the other day and I have to be honest, I really got so teary eyed reading the posts. I love hearing and reading how people touch other people lives. It is so fantastic! Thank-you so much for sharing with us and going the extra mile! Our winners are: Kate, Sandy, Edleen, & Sandy Ang. Could you please email me at to claim your prize.


Remember, we have giveaways going on until December 31,2010 and you can enter more then once! Spread the news and share some CHRISTMAS LOVE!!!!

Angel Pink 1

Angel Made by Sandy Ang.