Saturday, March 1, 2014

Take life one cup at a time

I lve mixed media, so the question becomes, what is mixed media
According to Wikipedia it is an art form combining more than 1 medium. I love how the paper line Live in Color with it's pre-printed splotches and splatters of color already look like they have layers of ink and paint on them!!

 I gathered all my papers together and choose which would be the background and which would be the tea cups. After printing them out I individually hand cut them out, purposely removing the handles so that I could add my own, made out of wires, beads and costume jewelry which I glued on with Helmars 450 Adhesive.

Even the steam flourish, a die cut from my Cricut, from the same paper line, has been sanded, inked and stickled and really holds up well under my rough treatment of it, especially being such a delicate piece.

The only paper that is not from the collection is a piece of wax paper that I keep in the bottom of my spray box which collects all those gorgeous over sprays. I turned it over and then hand stitched it down to resemble a table cloth cover.

Thank you Susan for having me as a Guest Designer these past 2 weeks, I have truly enjoyed working with your wonderful products! Every paper has such a wonderful quality to it and the bright fun designs just makes you smile to look at them!

Susan K. Weckesser Live in Full Color Paper Line


  1. This is very nice. Love the papers and love the tea cup handles. Such a nice touch.

  2. Oh I love the the sign!! This paper line is gorgeous!! It is great when you find AWESOME paper that allows you to create such personal pieces and makes you look like you did so much work. That's the kind of paper I like. The kind that has you guessing.. did YOU create this; or did you buy it this way!?! That leaves you time to do something else fabulous; like cutting and piecing cups together and designing your own handles and flourishes and typography!! Fabulous Sandee!!

  3. We won't even discuss the wax paper.. hand sewn?? WHO else does that??

  4. Sandee, once again a fabulous piece. I love the tea cups and the paper you chose. Your typography is beautiful, hands down you win in that department and thinking up these beautiful pieces you make. You are truly an inspiration to me and everyone else. Thank you so much for sharing this.


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