Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Empowering Women - Truth Cards for 2014

Hello Everyone! Lynne here with my first official 2014 blog post for the Susan K. Weckesser design team and today I want to share with you my latest version of a "Truth Card" for 2014. 

I am calling these wee bits of scrappy goodness Empowering Women because every piece of painted, inky, lace and sparkle-embellished cardboard is a home for a stamped woman making some sort of empowering, encouraging or fun statement.

Now, just in case you're not familiar with the term, a Truth Card is a place to record a message from the Universe that speaks to your heart which you want to remember. 

It is always uplifting and makes you feel good.  Sometime that message is so powerful that it can stop you in your tracks; sometimes that message is so personal that it makes you feel like you've been hit in the heart, but in a good and empowering way.
When the Universe speaks to me I feel moved to record it in some way, so I began creating these little cards for myself to leave around the house when I needed to see them.

But last year I started sending them off to any one that I felt needed one... and it has become my way to send a bit of joy and tangible support to someone that usually only gets my virtual {{hugs}}.
As you can see, Susan's Poised and Pretty stamp set by Unity Stamps is perfect for these truth cards, and for these cards I left my stamped figure uncolored and created her clothes from stamping her again on pretty patterned paper and cutting them out, where I took some liberties with the dress length and shortened them to create even more outfits.. how fun is THAT!
So I hope this post encourages you to try making a little truth card of your own... it is also a really fun way to use up your scraps and try out new mixed-media techniques without any pressure.
Thanks for stopping by to share
Your Susan K. Weckesser Designer


  1. These are absolutely stunning! What a great idea!! I am going to start making these and I know some people who could use some uplifting messages so I will be making some for them also! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and creative pieces with me! I love learning something new every day and these are also very inspirational! Thank you!

  2. Ooo Lynne I love these pieces. Simply gorgeous.

  3. Love this idea and this is the perfect stamp!


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