Friday, January 24, 2014

It’s A WRAP! Thank-you for Sharing SO MUCH Love!

"My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?"

                                   -Bob Hope

How incredibly AWESOME was this year!!! This years Christmas Love Campaign was SO incredible! Actually, that is why it has taken me so long to get through everything. I am SO touched by the bigger then ever response by everyone around the world: the beautiful artwork, crafts, cards and the amazing messages. I am also SO touched by the amount of people that we were personally able to help out and maybe make smile a little bit this past holiday season thanks to all of you, all the wonderful sponsors, my wonderful design team, and of course my family that really helped me out. (And puts up with all me ideas that I come up with!) I can’t say THANK-YOU enough!!! I watched as everything would come in, everyday, and my heart would swell. Your kindness was SO beautiful!!! And for me… this being my first Christmas without my Mum, well, I can’t express to you how incredibly AWESOME you made this Christmas Season for me as I watched you spread kindness around you.

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart! xo

Here is a quick run down of events. Now, please note that I am just listing the main events here. If you have been contacted about a prize, however your name is not mentioned here, that is why. However, that being said, we have been having problems with a couple parcels and Canada Post. So, if a couple months go by and your CLC prize does not show up please email me at and I will check the tracking number.


During the event I was made aware of  Martha Schroeder-Klassen of High River, Alberta. She and her community was horribly effected by last summer’s flood… you can read the whole post HERE. Well, she went an extra mile and held a special event for people that had lost so much, so that they could come and get free craft supplies that were donated from people and places around Alberta. I was so touched that she went the extra mile for others. Thank-you also to Westcott Brand for helping to spread some Christmas love by sending a big GIFT box to Martha! We will also be sending her a CLC goodie box. xoxo 521433_10151355655900569_1646984352_n

Spirit of Christmas Feast in Medicine Hat – We were told that they needed help and some supplies so we were able to pitch in. It was wonderful to be able to take my kiddos there an Christmas Day and serve Supper to People that didn’t have a place to go or were alone and thanks to our sponsors we where able to deliver off a big box of gifts for them too.

In December I also heard about Sandra Ramirez who had made a HUGE sleeping bag delivery! She Dropped these off at Charity Wings down in California just before Christmas and I was SO touched by this. You Can read more HERE. A big box of goodies from our sponsors are going out to her!Photo: Angel Sandra Ramirez with a huge sleeping bag delivery! So grateful!

Christmas Love Campaign Contests

Tags of Love Contest

winner : Jane Anderson


winner: Lynda Lindley

Hand-Made Christmas Contest

winner: Barbara Macaskill!

Do you know my friend?

winner : Tasha Hart & her friend Karen


Every Susan K. Weckesser Inc. Design Team had a draw on their blogs and thanks to Ranger Ink one of the Christmas Love Campaign Sponsors packages were mailed out the first week of January to the winners.


A Little Card Contest

winner : Robbi

Christmas Love Campaign Final Winner

winner : Deanna Dola

Deanna will be receiving a lovely big box of goodies full of goodies from all of our wonderful sponsors!Photo: Isn't this season the best!!! How are your Christmas Love projects coming along? #craftuplove #christmaslovecampaign

Thank-you to everyone for supporting the Christmas Love Campaign!!! Thank-you for SPREADING the WORD & the LOVE! You are AMAZING!!!

Read more about this years Christmas Love Campaign HERE on Creating Keepsakes Blog! I am SO grateful for their & all our wonderful sponsors support!

And a BIG thank-you to the wonderful guests, Kelly Marie Alvarez of Lawn Fawn, Amy Anderson, & Claudine Hellmuth that were part of the Designer Chat.

2013-2014 Christmas Love Campaign Sponsors



Let’s continue to #craftuplove all year round and show the world that we CARE!


Susan xoxo

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