Monday, April 8, 2013

Missing Home

This week, our Susan K Weckesser team is partnering up for fun, color, and inspiration with Clearsnap, so make sure you check out both sites all week.   And don’t forget to connect with our Facebook pages too; 

Cheryl Boglioli here today to share a fun, whimsical, and simple card that I am mailing to my family.   I’ve been traveling and away from home for a few week and still have about 3 weeks left before I return home.   My daughter is a young adult and my hubby is quite self-sufficient, so even though they are managing just fine without me –I think they might be enjoying it a little too much – I am really missing my family.   Not only am I missing my family, but I’m also missing my own bed, my own coffee cup and my own space.   Don’t misunderstand me, I am having a fabulous time on this adventure and experiencing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but I miss my home and my family.   My family is my home and I’d be happy with them anywhere.
I used LaBlanche Specialty Stamping paper to make this card and it is a large card.   It measures 5 x 6.5”.   I used Clearsnap’s ColorBox Archival Petal Point in Classic and Susan K Weckesser’s Little Haven house stamp to create my main images.  The word HOME came from this stamp set.   LOVE is part of Heartfelt Warmth and FAMILY is part of The Happy Homestead.  I love how vivid these Clearsnap colors stamped on the Specialty Stamping Paper.
  I stamped the word FAMILY on a separate piece of paper and used Helmar Zapdots to pop family off the card.  I also added a little more ink around the edges.  The petal point tip made this a cinch!
I did add a little more color and doodling using my Faber-Castell PITT artist Pens in various colors.   I was trying to embrace the whimsical part of Susan’s style.  I’m quite happy with how it turned out and hope my family knows how much I miss them.
Hope you enjoyed my card too!

Cheryl Boglioli

Design Team and Social Media Coordinator for Susan K Weckesser Inc.


  1. Beautiful whimsical card Cheryl..they are going to treasure your card for sure!!!
    Stay safe

  2. What a great card! I may do this for our upcoming housewarming invites! Thanks for the inspiration! I look forward to the rest of the week!

    1. Awww,thanks! If you use this for inspiration to make some invites, please share with you. You can link up at Susan's Facebook page.

  3. What a lovely card! I'm sure they miss you too :)

    1. Thanks so much, Angeline! And thanks for leaving a comment here.

  4. Simply gorgeous, I adore the house stamp it's so cute.

    1. They are cute. I love them. Susan has a variety of them with Unity. I think I need them all.

  5. Awesome card! I really like that you just used the outlines.

  6. There really is no place like home Cheryl. I agree totally with your sentiments. The whymsy of your card is delightful!

  7. You captured the sense of whimsy very well. Very cute!

  8. What a sweet, cheerful card. Your whimsical card will certainly show your family how important they are to you.


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