Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hydrangea Hippo & Susan K. Weckesser Day 2!

Hey bloggers, Rita Barakat here! Do you ever get in a creative slump?
Sometimes you have to create something just to be creative.
It serves no purpose, it doesn't make a statement or tell a story.
It's just for fun because you have pretty paper and product.

Today is day two of our collaboration with Hydrangea Hippo !
All of the beautiful lace, twine and flowers are from Hydrengea Hippo.
The whimsical papers are of course from Susan K. Weckesser
and the heart is a stamp from
Susan K. Weckesser/Unity Stamp Co. stamps. 

I  had this sweet little chipboard bird (Clear Scraps) and
I was in between DT projects so I pulled out random products just 
to have fun creating. (The eye is a floral stick pin.)
Did you notice the tail?
I took apart these sprays...
It was so fun to create "just because". 
I hope you enjoyed this project. 
Here are some fun links to check out for more inspiration


  1. Beautiful whimsical bird Rita!!

  2. So cute and creative! Thanks for sharing this little birdie with us!

  3. yes, i noticed the tail.... cute.... i have to decorate a bird for a project , so this one is a very creative inspirational piece that has warmed me up for inspiration. Nice showcasing of the papers and embellishments!!!


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