Friday, April 12, 2013

D'Diva Reveals All!

 Reported by Julie Short
D'Diva Reveals All!
"Hellooo Darhlings! Thank you  all for coming! I know I've been away far too long! A little bit of patience.

"Yes it has been over two years since you last saw me!
 You see, I was tired and worn out from all the part-ay-ing. Then something wonderful happened - Artiste Julie had time for my makeover and these lovely people sponsored both the make-over and the Transformation Party. What a party it's going to be!"

"Prepare to be amazed!"

"Before - I was all cracked up, totally showing my age. Don't ask!"

"Julie is a whizz with gesso. But she got into such a tizz about my lips!
Too much pouting for the paparazzi," she said.
"Lucky, I love the girl!"

"Choices were made."

"Luscious Smooch, Color Box Chalk Inks and the ColorBox Stylus were all selected!

"Then we got excited about Susan K.Weckesser Products. I tell you that Julie is non - stop, when she's Re-making!"

"Bright, happy papers from the Susie Bee Studios Range for the new me.

And stamps too - "Fly Away" and "Grunge Leaves" You'll find those at the Unity Stamp Company.

NOW! Are you ready?

"You heard it here first!

"I'm retiring from the Diva Life! My new career will be in FASHION!"

D'Diva's new accessory range is truly, fa -bu-lous!"

"Hat Brooches - the Bigger, the Better!"

"Neckpieces! All hand made at a secret location. All to order, of course!"

"Wait! I've kept the best to last!"

"Glasses! Fan-tab-ul-ous Glasses!"

"These will be one of a kind and made by MOI! You'll love the sparkle and bling!"

"And now! 

I'm ready for photos!"

"My Stores open in Modanville, Paris and London next week.

I will be 

Creating YOU- nique.

Love Always D'Diva"

Edited from the D'Diva Press Conference by Julie Short - Susan K Weckesser Design Team



  1. Woooooooe, that is amazing. You should enter it in a contest.

  2. Helloooo to D'Diva and fashionista...Julie Short..what "A Transformation".....Amazing and the accessories are truly Divaish,lol.
    Great reporting..loved the crack me up Julie.


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