Monday, March 2, 2015

Let's Celebrate!!!

It is March 2 today! My birthday! 
Two years ago my Mum also passed away suddenly on this very day. At the time I thought how am I going to deal with this every year come my birthday. But, you know what!? It has been such a blessing! Yes, I miss my mother more then anything, but I know, with a surety that she is happy, healthy, and is having a wonderful time with my dad. She is likely getting up to mischief right at this very moment!!! *grin* That's my parents!! 

Life is SO awesome!!
 Life is so precious!
The good moments and the not so good moments!!! 
This week I invite you to join me to CELEBRATE LIFE! 

Celebrate Life Contest 
March 2 -9, 2015
Come make Card Birthday or Celebration Cards or Tags with us all week!
 We are going to have fun 'Celebrating Life'and I will have a give away at the end of the week with a box full of my favourite art goodies and some of my stamps. A Jillian Vance Design will be giving a $20 gift card too. Upload your photos to any social media sites;Our Susan K. Weckesser Inc. FB page, Instagram, Twitter ,Google+, Vine, etc. & MAKE SURE to use the hash tag #CELEBRATE. ALSO, tag me  @SusanKWeckesser so I can be sure to enter all your awesome creations into the contest. Not to mention....I want to see all your beautiful artwork too!!!! You can also take my dandy graphic above and post it to your social media sites and invite others to join!! 
Big hugs,

Susan xoxo

Oh, and Happy Birthday all you March Birthdays!!!! *smile*

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  1. I need to replenish my card stash so I'm in.
    Happy Birthday!


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