Saturday, May 10, 2014

Succulent Study with Lilla Rogers:Wk.2 Review

photo (2)Here is a very quick review of my FANTASTIC week two with Lilla Rogers! I can’t upload all my sketches and studies because I have a lot! My art journal will be happy! So, here is just a little taste of what I created in my succulent study! Dessert Town 13

Today is the day - Hand Written ans doodled grey


Yes, you know me. I always have to add a little whimsy to whatever I create…SO, I created Cactus Bloom; a little street made out of succulents! *smile*

I LOVE working with watercolours, so I filled quite a few pages with these interesting and beautiful plants! I used my Kuretake watercolours and Ranger ink distress inks. Dessert Town 18

Dessert Town 16

Dessert Town 19

Dessert Town 11

Dessert Town 7

Dessert Town 14

photo (1)photo

Cactus Street Final1

I played around a created my first ever mock up which was really fun! I can’t wait to do more of these! It was fun trying new techniques that I have never tried before!Dessert Town 40House 1grey and yellowHave a super wonderful day!


Susan  xo


  1. Oh my goodness how fun! I love the fun designs and watercolor. Thanks for sharing know I will have this course on my list now!

  2. These are so fun. Thanks for sharing

  3. Love these! I need to learn new techniques!

  4. Awesome! It really looks like you had fun! I am in love with Cactus Bloom! I love cactus, but I always manage to kill them :( I always name them too. Lucy is my 1 living cactus right now!
    Can't wait to see more!

  5. Happy art journal = a happy artist! Loving the little succulent street!


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