Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Heart is Home!

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit" Khalil Gibran
This wonderful quote was the inspiration and starting point for my canvas today. 

It is true that the love that Super Star and I share is not only for each other but also for our small patch of paradise "Idyll Hours". Our wild and wondrous place sustains us and keeps us going.

This summer, our home has been battered by many storms - the cleanup has been time consuming and at times, emotionally and physically difficult. We all face these caprices of nature and destructive weather events that can turn our world upside down. It truly makes us value what is important.

We could have been overwhelmed as our heart is tied to our home. However, we have  been bouyed and lifted by kindness and serendipitous events too this summer! Another shadehouse is being built as we begin sorting out an amazing collection of plants that have found a home with us. We are honoured to be the caretakers of this extrordinary treasure trove.

Entrusted with new, rare and beautiful - a man's life work, our dream is to grow and to share these wonders.

To create my canvas was simple. Sprays, stains and paint were added to a gessoed canvas. I wanted the background to look like the sky does as brilliant summer sunsets reach out fading fingers of light.
The dear sweet house is from Susiebees Studios "Live in Colour" paper range as are the flowers and floating butterflies. The stamps I used were Le Mason, Grandma's Needlepoint and a Little Grunge Love which are all Susan.K.Weckesser's Co Branded sets from Unity Stamp Company. And every house deserves a little bling! This was added with pens, paint and pearl pens.

Is there anything better than nurturing and caring for your home?
We don't think so.
Julie and her Super Star.


  1. Julie beautiful heartwarming post...Stunning project...adore the kites lifting up the heart, the sweet butterflies out the chimney...the stitches and bling...I just want to walk up and knock on the door!!
    Hope you will take pictures of your new venture!!

  2. I whole heartedly agree with you. Home is where the heart should be. I have a friend who is a gypsy and no desire for home while I am a nester and love taking care of my home. Nothing makes me happier! LOVE your canvas!Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and say hi, it's always appreciated! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥


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